2009-04-20 update is out.

Added by kju about 8 years ago

Check the BIF thread for more details.

Foremost the release of OAC CWC and Resistance campaign conversion,
as well as zillion more replacement configs are the highlights.


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New addon replacements available

Added by kju about 8 years ago

You find now a total of 71 replacement addons in the repository.
See the readme for download links.

The replacement have be split to single unit replacement to allow
customized sets to your liking.

Pack the folder to pbo for a replacement to be active and have the
respective base addon loaded as well. The second part of the replacement
file contains the filename of the base addon.

Use makepbo with the file type association or use cpbo.

See 7c65520854c102c223a97022d0940bfc531e57aa for the list of new replacements.

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