okt_NoBlur Addon for ArmA 2

Current version for A2 1.07 Final

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BIS Forum Thread
Old Thread for test non-addon version

@okt_NoBlur for ArmA 2
    (supercedes "oktShaderModTest" all versions)

This addon removes the blur shader which causes performance and sickness issues
for people. It was created because BIS has not addressed the issues with the 
rotBlur shader which makes the whole screen blur effect. At low FPS, the issues
in this shader make the game unplayable. Yes turning off Post Processing will
fix it, however some of the other (good) effects are disabled too.

CHANGELOG: (newest first)
* Update for 1.07 retail. Beta noBlur mod is now a separate download and 
modfolder. (see thread) Drop version numbers, now matched to ArmA2 version.
* Dropped support for noBloom
* Updated 'beta' package to 69645, rest is unchanged.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS RELEASE IS ONLY FOR ARMA2 1.07 RETAIL PATCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this example, my ArmA2 directory is D:\Arma2\

1 Extract the modfolder @okt_noblur from this archive into the ArmA2 folder.

2 Verify that there is now an '@okt_noblur' folder in D:\Arma2\ Inside that
  folder will be a 'dta' folder and a readme. Don't rename the dta folder
  or mess with the pbo & key inside of it. (see FAQ if you don't want it in here)

3 Add the @okt_noblur folder to your -mod line in your ArmA2 shortcut and
  launch the game. 

4 Turn on Post Processing to the 'low' setting in the ArmA2 video options and
  you are done.

* If you are having problems, like the game is crashing on startup, delete the
  @okt_NoBlur folder. Be sure you have the right version of noBlur for your
  game patch version.

* 1.07 is the retail version of the game currently. This noBlur only works with
  that specific version. It does not work with beta patches. (there is another
  release for that, see BIS forum thread)

* If you had the old non-signed noBlur test version I made a looong time ago,
  remove it first by deleting your whole "Arma 2\bin\" directory. Normally that
  directory should not exist.

* This was tested and developed on the US steam, patch version 1.07.


Useful FAQ:
Q: My modline is already too long OR I want to put your noBlur in a combined
folder with other misc mods, can I do this?
A: Yep, just drag the dta folder out of the @okt_noBlur folder and into your
@whatever mod folder. Drag the whole dta folder, not the PBO's.

!!!! Please notice that my noBlur pbo cannot be put in an @whatever\addons\
folder, it will not work. Instead it must be in @whatever\dta\ !!!!

Q: Does this modify my game files? Can I still patch the game?
A: No it does not modify anything, it is just like a mod folder. To uninstall
it, delete the @okt_noblur directory. Yes you can still patch the game fine
while it is installed. However since the noBlur is only compatible with a
certain version of the game, you'll have to uninstall or remove it from your
mod line until I release a new version. 

Q: What could BIS do to fix this so this isn't needed?
A: The full screen 'rotBlur' shader should scale down blur amount based on FPS. 
If the FPS is low, the blur amount should be toned down since the blur and FPS 
are coupled. Right now: More FPS = Less Blur. Low FPS = Too Much Blur. In my 
opinion, this is a performance BUG, not a feature request.

Q: How are the addons made, what do they contain?
A: They are actually a modified bin.pbo file, which is why they go in a 'dta'
folder instead of an 'addons' folder. Inside of the file are all the normal
files except one modified Shaders_DefPP.shdc file which has binary modifications
to it. Unfortunetly, I have to include ALL shaders as well as the original
binarized config.bin (which is the main game configuration) with the addon or
it will not load my modified shader. So think of it as a slightly altered and
renamed bin.pbo which normally lives in /dta/. This is why you have to get the
right version of noBlur depending on what game patches you have installed.

Troll FAQ:
Q: What is the point of this? You can already turn off Post Processing in the 
A: Some of us like the really great shaders that BIS has made (explosion 
bloom/NVG Noise, glare, lens simulation) but can't turn them on because the 
shader 'rotBlur' makes it a blurry mess when the FPS is low. This makes people 
feel sick, get headaches etc.

Q: My game looks fine with post processing on, the blur is realistic, this is 
A: If you don't like it, you don't have to use it.

Q: This is unfair in competitive games.
A: This doesn't hurt you, nor does it provide an advantage. Multiplayer servers 
cannot force post processing modes, they only force grass and view distance. If 
a player couldn't stand the blur before, he likely had Post Processing OFF, 
which gives more of an advantage than with this modification. This modification 
is similar to if BIS added a 'very low' option for Post Processing or a full 
screen Blur Enabled/Disabled option.

Tech Stuff

This final release dedicated to Leopotam, who wrote a packer/unpacker for the
shdc files based on my findings. A few late nights were all we needed.

The technical thread is here: 

This modification substantially reduces the number of instructions in the 
rotBlur pixel shader, essentially making it do nothing, just short of removing 
it. (which we can't do since that would require editing the EXE) It may increase 
performance installed compared to identical video settings with it not 
installed. This is due to the rotBlur shader being huge and having tons of 
instructions, vs my patched version having only one instruction. 
This modification is free to the Arma2 community and may not be sold. It is 
offered without warranty and you choose to use it at your own risk. It can be 
modified and redistributed without contacting the author, with credit. This file 
contains intellectual property (shaders) owned by Bohemia Interactive, but is 
not useful without owning the ArmA2 game. Do not distribute ArmA2 core bin.pbo 
files with this shader or derivatives of this work in them as they are not 
compatible with all versions/regions of the game.