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zsawyer, 06/10/2012 04:47

Developer's notes

everything in here is untested and mere theoretical speculation (technical input and critique would be much appreciated)

open questions:

  • how to get the server ip (and port)?

Interesting BIS api for usage in SQF and retrieving the required data

how to setup the SQF files:

how to do the initialization that waits for the player to have joined


  • player : the client
  • side called on player tells which team client is on


  • "!isServer" to make sure this mod is only run on client side
  • callExtension can be used to interact with a custom DLL
    • maybe making a JSON based parser that can be reused by other projects will be helpful
  • select to access array members by index
  • getPlayerUID called on "player" gets unique ID
    • for: identity
  • name call on player to get the nick name
    • for: identity
  • vectorUp object's up vector in world Position coordinates ( [x, y, z] ).
    • for: fAvatarTop
    • might work for camera as well
  • vectorDir object's direction vector in world Position coordinates ([x, z, y]).
    • for: fAvatarFront
    • might work for camera as well
  • positionCameraToWorld
    • transforming two normal vectors one pointing front and one top might yield the camera's world orientation
      • for: fCameraFront, fCameraTop
    • transforming null vector will probably yield camera's own position
      • for: fCameraPosition