MSO Strategic Module

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h1. MSO Strategic Module

To discuss how to make MSO "read" a map and create an active warfare scenario.

These are from the collaborative discussions between Wolffy, Friznit, VRC Raptor,

h2. Wolffy's Ideas

So I want the MSO to "read" a map, and identify strategic components to the map, for example:
* Oil Pumps
* Electrical Grid
* Railway Infrastructure
* Factories
* Dams
* Storage Tanks
* Shipping Ports
* Civil Aviation
* Communications Towers
* C4ISTAR (Critical military infrastructure)

From these, start to work out, what would happen at each of these locations eg storage tank will have tankers moving to and from to the edges of the map or between oil pumps to shipping ports, as part of an Oil Infrastructure network. So for example you could then make a script that simulating the production chain moving a fuel truck from oil pump > refinery > fuel station > airfield

These could become the KPI's of how the mission is going.

I believe the military side of stuff will be partially dependent on the civilian infrastructure anyway, so I haven't begun to focus on that aspect yet.

It would use any method to identify these areas, searching for objects, locations, names, etc.

h2. Friznit's Ideas

Idea #1: Was thinking along the lines of the HETMAN style conventional war, with enemy 'commander' moving platoon+ sized units to strategic locations on the map. If we identify the areas, there is a "reason" why they are moving there. Major locations like airfields or large army barracks effectively become the spawn points working in a similar way to ambient air, so if they're dominated by Red, then will spawn enemy, rather like WICT in a way.

CQB and enemypop modules could work alongside it - you only need id the locations, create static defenses there, and let Dyn-ENPop do the rest. Basically creates a random location, you can specify what type of units spawn there, and they then attack the other locations. Would work very well in the Freedom Fighter scenario - enemy everywhere, and you can choose to attack various strong points to reduce the enemy effectiveness.

Idea #2: Several supply chains: Oil/Fuel, Factory/Supplies; Barracks/Soldiers - if a fuel truck + supply truck + soldier truck all successfully arrives at key location (e.g. Barracks) within 12 hrs of each other, then it gets a green light and the base is flagged 'occupied', spawning Strong units if players are near. If only 2 of 3, then it gets Amber, and weaker units ;1 = red, not much at all; None - inoperative; similar for say, helicopter base - except it start knocking out heli patrols

h2. DaveP's Takiconomy Ticket posted a while back with a comprehensive idea of how to run a civilian economy on Takistan

*Dave:* While I still really like this system as an idea it'd kill the mission totally if it was all done in-game. I'm wondering whether the algorithms could be taken out the game and simply have the data fed back in to some metric that's already developed/more game friendly (ie. CQB percentages or tcells recruitment rate)

h2. Wolffy's Reinforcements

e.g. Oil supply chain from northern oil fields to storage tanks and then southern border roads. For every convoy, a new shipment of recruits and assets spawn from the north and populate compounds. So for every successful civ production chain transaction, enemy is reinforced.

h2. Questions that need to answers

Friznit: so how far do you want to take it? have trucks trundling around between locations would be fairly simple. But do you want to include an actual impact on the enemy if we start destroying them? like reducing the amount of 'fuel' at an airfield so less planes fly around? that would be much more intensive.

At least 3 different scenarios spring to mind which will change how it works really - 1. COIN, defending the infrastructure, route clearance, anti IED; 2. Offensive, blowing everything up with en taking strategic locations (front line HETMAN style); 3. Freedom Fighter or SF style, which the current largely static enemy would suit well.

Wolffy: are you aware of any other game modes that already do this? are we reinventing the wheel?

h2. Technical Details

Ideally a logical reference layer only to minimise CPU overhead, relying on the existing populator modules (EnPop, CQB, TCells, Tup_IED, Ambient Air) to create the units.

Scripts that may help for ideas in addition to the above: WICT, HETMAN AI

*Dave:* *Dave* With PDB becoming a reality perhaps elements of the computing these overheads could be handled outside of game?