The Mission Support System [ACE] is a tool set developed for quick mission editing and creation on Chenarus, Lingor, Takistan, Panthera, Tora Bora , Zargabad and Fallujah (and other maps in the future). It is a template that can quickly be copied into a new mission, parameters set up and a new mission created. However, it can also be installed and played (as is) with expanded options, features and capabilities right out of the box.

The tool set is made up of in house and open source scripts available to the ARMA 2 community. The Mission Support System is a compilation of scripts being hand picked to work seamlessly together and include modified versions of Kronzky Urban Patrol Script and modified version of pogoman's AI Scripts. It also includes ACE Integration, ACRE Integration, and [R3F] Artillery and Logistics Integration. However, the Mission Support System can shed anyone of those by the mission creator disabling those addons quickly and seamlessly. This will also include ACE and NO ACE versions of the Mission Support System, also known as [MSS]. NO ACE versions will follow at a later time.

The Mission Support System team will be using this to develop Co-op Multi-Player experiences that span several gaming sessions, if used on a persistent server.

Its list of features includes:

  • Automated AI Spawn System
  • Automated Vehicle Spawn System (Enemy AI and Friendly)
  • Automated AI Static Gun and Vehicle Emplacements
  • Automated AI SA6/SA9 SAM Site Emplacements
  • Support System - Artillery, CAS, CASEVAC, Transport, and more
  • Land and Air Based Units for Players
  • ACE Integration (including Fast Rope, CSW, Medical, HALO and other ACE improvements)
  • ACE and ARMA 2 Weapon Sets
  • Rearm, Refuel, and Repair Point Capability
  • Player Loadouts that are configurable and saves items for respawn
  • [R3F] Logistics Integration
  • ACRE ready
  • Ambient Civilians, Cars and Critters with scripting to allow them to despawn and respawn based on player location
  • Web Based documentation explaining various parts of the system and examples on using and changing them to fit your mission profile
  • Primary and Secondary Mission Templates and Examples
  • Integrated AI Warfighting and Support Units with Land, Air, and Sea Assets
  • Technical Support for mission developers through DevHeaven
  • Source Files available through download links

Thanks to these people for making it possible:
Insurgency - pogoman
Kronzky Urban Patrol Script - Kronzky
[R3F] Logistics - [R3F]
Fire Support Systems - Desrat
ACE - Sickboy et al
DevHeaven - kju

  • Homepage: Coming Soon

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Manager: sowens
Developer: sowens

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First Mission Announced
15th MEU sails to Lingor!
Added by sowens over 5 years ago

Phase III Beta Completed
Phase III of our Beta is completed and we are re working some of the areas we found issues or choke points in the source code.
Added by sowens over 6 years ago

Testing Continues
More testing continues on the latest additions to the toolset.
Added by sowens over 6 years ago

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