5 Use (As Player)

Create Profile

1. Execute LEA and select Edit in the Profiles menu. see

2. Into the profile editor, Select Unit on the Left panel then click New. see

3. Select created profile. You can now create Loadout by double clicking on Pictures into Weapons & Magazines list see . To remove an object from your loadout, double-click it see . Faction Filter lists Factions to quickly change the weapon list contents. see

4. To put a weapon "On Back", select the weapon and click on back see . To put a weapon "In Hands", select the weapon and click on in hands. see

5. To fill in a Backpack, select a backpack on the list Ruck and select it on the loadout. Right-click and select open see . Now, every object selected on the Weapons and Magazines list will be put into the backpack.see . To remove an object from the backpack, double-click it see . When you're done filling or emptying your backpack, click close. see

6. The First Aid section allows you to fill in the Health kit of ACE Wound System. Left click on the icons to increase, and right-click to decrease. see

Duplicate profile

1. Create new profile.

2. Select the new profile, then select Apply Profile. In the drop-down list, select the profile you want to duplicate. see

Test profile

1. Install @LEA addon "see": into ArmA 2:OA installation folder.

2. Select a profile in LEA, then select Apply to @LEA. see

3. Verify that path to the userconfig is correct and select Apply. The message "LEA has been successfully initialized" must appear see . The Preferences button is useful to add items like compass, GPS etc to your loadout permanently see . These preferences are persisted so that is no necessary to set it up every time.

4. Launch ArmA 2 with the @LEA addon, open Arma 2 Editor and put a Player Unit. Select Preview see . SelectApply Loadout with wheel mouse. see

Apply profile ingame

Repeat previous step 1, 2 and 3 and select Apply Loadout with wheel mouse after the game has started. In case of multiplayer game, you have 5 minutes before the option disappears from the menu. If the loadout in the mission were edited with LEA then usage of @LEA would desabled.

Share profile

1. Select Transfert Profile by FTP into Profiles menu. see

2. Configure the connexion to FTP server (manually or automatically) by importing auto-config file. see

3. The FTP LEA client will open. On the left side, you can see the local profiles on your hard drive. On the right side, FTP server content. Select a profile on the left list and click on Upload. see