2 Installation

LEA is developed in Java Language, which allows software to be launched on most OS with a graphic interface such as Windows or Linux. LEA is usable by ArmA 2 OA/CO players using Windows or a ArmA 2 OA dedicated Server running with Windows Server see or Linux-Debian see . Installation can be done manually or automatically (Windows users only).


- Automatic Installer for Windows: here

- Archive for manual installation: here


- Automatic Installer for Windows: Indicate LEA installation destination folder, then installation folder of Arma 2 OA and indicate if you want to use @LEA Addon.

- Manual Installation: Extract archive and copy it in Programs folder. Copy @LEA folder into Arma 2:OA installation folder. Create a shortcut to lea.exe or lea.sh (depending on your OS).


- Windows: execute lea.exe Administrator mode for Vista & Seven user.

- Linux & Unix-like: launch lea.sh.


- Java Runtime Environment Version 1.6 (JRE) ou more unfound : install lastest version of Java version 32 or 64 bit here

- Startup error message : "An error occured. Application will now close" : verify that LEA is on administrator mode. Try to download the software again.