Sound test missions for tanks, helos and planes available

Added by kju almost 8 years ago

Added sound test missions for tanks, helos and planes in the repository.

  • ST_CDF_tanks_driveby.utes
  • ST_USMC_tanks_driveby.utes
  • ST_east_air_flyby.utes
  • ST_east_air_ground_attack.utes
  • ST_east_tanks_driveby.utes
  • ST_west_air_flyby.utes
  • ST_west_air_ground_attack.utes
  • ST_west_tanks_driveby.utes

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You can also download them from the mST filebase.

modularSoundTemplate (mST) initial release

Added by kju about 8 years ago

The modularSoundTemplate is a project base for sound designers for their
personal sound replacement project for ArmA II.

It has a unique structure to allow maximum modularity to make it easy
for the common user to mix different sound designers work to their personal

For more information, please visit the mST wiki page.

Also available in: Atom