JayArma2Lib is my creation to have access to either more efficient or extended functionality which the currentArmA2 engine lacks. This includes string functionality, data structure management, and named pipes access.

This can be considered the follow-up to the original 'armalib' by Kegetys. Sadly though, I was never able to get in touch with Kegetys, and therefore none of this work is based off of his except for the identification of the ArmA2 scripting function to replace.

In a nutshell, this library works by proxying the DirectSound library on any Windows system; DirectSound is dsound.dll. I then replace the KbAddTopic function, and rename it "jayCall". This function is the access point for all functionality within this library.

There are no requirements, except for using the latest version of ArmA2. Additionally, this library works BOTH server and client side.

Currently this is pre-release BETA for feature requests prior to my first R1 release. First Release will be public later this week. The zip file currently contains a basic README file for testing setup, to see what is available.

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Manager: jaynus
Developer: jaynus, Nou
Tester: ViperMaul

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BETA 2 Complete
BETA 2 is complete and available for download for testing
Added by jaynus about 7 years ago

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