Fireball has left the Battlefield, project ressurection (3 comments)

Added by MaSSive about 1 month ago

Why not revive Insurgency? Anyone interested and willing to contribute *contact me , I would love to hear your ideas.

My intention is to port/rework entire mission and make it work in Arma3 as it used to work in A2CO/ACE, and make it as close as possible to **Project Reality original insurgency.

We can make this a joint effort and perhaps start something new here.

For a start, entire code base needs to be redone and new mechanisms implemented. ALICE and SILVIE are gone, UPS from Kronzky needs to be updated, AI spawning/caching needs to be looked into. No FAS/BC module so we needs a workaround for medical treatment, wounding, and revival. AGM or XMS2 comes to mind, but I would love to keep mod dependency on the very low level.

We also need a banner and a few cool textures for the mission, so dont hesitate to make one, and send it my way.

In the end we can make it a join effort of the award winning Project Reality team and release it under a PR label (see PR Forum topic).

Fireball left the battlefield, pogoman is long gone, I dont know where Kol9yn is, but Ive spoken to Fireball and he handed over entire project to me. So lads, lets get this done.

For a start I need coders to join me, so we can make a base code up and running in A3. Then we can work on other systems. Intention is to make this a huge TvT mission, but I would like to have a Coop version also for the ones not liking PvP elements.

Current status:

  • A3 version is broken and not working (made in Alpha days);
  • A2 version reaches EOL and will not be updated;

Thanks for reading.


*contact me via email: jastreb[at]armasrbija[dot]rs or find me on ( Jastreb )
** Project Reeality is currently not afiliated with this project, and I had no intention of abusing their trademarks here

New release for Arma 3: 0.90

Added by Fireball about 2 years ago

Finally we got all major bugs ironed out for A3 and I decided to release a version 0.90 for A3 Stratis without some of the past features, due to some game engine issues for A3 Alpha yet.

Known issues
- Error pop-up: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons. - during respawn (only once per player and game)
- Error pop-up: Cannot load texture a3\air_f\data\mi48_rocket_co.paa. - when you blow a cache (only once per player and game)
Both errors/warnings probably due to some A3 Alpha data faults.

- Fireball & Kol9yN

Get the file from the "Files" section (scroll to the bottom).

New versions: Insurgency 1.0 and 1.5 (1 comment)

Added by Fireball over 3 years ago

Soon we would have released version 0.82 of Insurgency, but since it would have been such a radical change from 0.81a, I decided to handle versioning a bit different from now on.

I also recognized, that 0.81a is very solid as a mission, so it should have been named 1.0, thus Insurgency 1.0 is a re-release of 0.81a with some fix, so AI is not permanently distracted by attacking the AI remote-controlled helicopter or the BLUFOR base.

Kol9yn brought up refreshing new features and enhancements to Insurgency, which almost all of them are optional or may be toggled through parameters, but - alas - not all of them, hence I decided that the new release will be versioned 1.5(0).

They will be released later this week.

Kol9yn joined project Insurgency (1 comment)

Added by Fireball over 3 years ago

Kol9yn offered to do a workable ACE port and also brought very much enthusiasm for the Insurgency project.

I had to and will still have to guide him and manage the project further, but due to personal family life and other great things in the world which have more priority, I won't be actively coding a lot for Insurgency anymore, hence I'm glad I've got some support and new blood with Kol9yn!

Everyone give Kol9yn a heartily welcome!

Of course we will still happily accept other contributors.

Insurgency 0.81 released

Added by Fireball over 3 years ago

This is a bugfix release, but I couldn't do without sneaking some features in, which make upgrading your servers worthwhile!

Most notable of those is respawning OPFOR AI vehicle patrols.

Further additions include:

- Parameter to lock MHQ in place
- Removal time parameter for BLUFOR bodies
- You can now pull injured players out of any vehicle (also the chopper)


The big break (1 comment)

Added by Fireball over 3 years ago

I've recently been lazy and just couldn't force myself back into things, to work onto the mission. This is not least due to me and my friends playing different games online or even SP.

I told myself that I shouldn't let this rest just as it is, since there are some bugs to fix, which are probably bothering people who are doing massive COOP online together and want to have some good fun.

So, I'll at least want to release 0.81 as a bugfix version. Stay tuned.

Insurgency 0.80 coming up (1 comment)

Added by Fireball almost 4 years ago

As things were getting more busy at work and I took some more time for my family, I almost didn't play too, and now I got some motivation again to work on.

Things like Ambient Civilians and IED ambient bombers needed some play testing and it didn't work right until I tweaked the settings to my liking, so you will experience a suicide bomber or similar more than once in a mission - so that took quite some time and was also dismaying for a moment when it almost never ever occurred no matter what I did. It still is kinda rare, but OTOH it shouldn't be like every other civilian running about shall be a suicide bomber. Also, I didn't test the current setting with more than two players, so we could experience some surprise if a server full with 30 players run about Zargabad.

Then the A-10 in concept was fairly easy, but to script it took some fiddling until I found out about the BIS function which spawns manned vehicles. I set the AI to be a pro, i.e. skill 1.0, and it works pretty good - he's kinda trigger happy, almost too trigger happy maybe, but it does certainly for some effect and makes a good replacement for the human-controlled A-10, accounts for the added immersion, so that I decided to make it default.

I'm still aiming to implement some additional small features according to open tickets, then I'll release.

Rocko joined project Insurgency (1 comment)

Added by Fireball about 4 years ago

I'm happy to announce that Rocko, Team Leader in the ACE Project, offered me to help out in project Insurgency.

He's taking over mostly ACE edits, optimization and of existing code, while I still do project lead, repository sheriff and of course the usual Insurgency mission content, fixes and features.

I can already see the benefits already today - four eyes see more than two and thus we can increase code quality due to reviews and learn from each other (me probably more from him, since he's more experienced).

Insurgency 0.75 released

Added by Fireball about 4 years ago

It was a hard release, since I decided to make all maps previously known to me working with Insurgency "somewhat", to work good and there were some quite tricky fixes to be done, including the MHQ re-deployment to work fine on Lingor, which it does now, to my delight.

The only exception is Mana, which works just "fine", because the island was extended below the water up to 200m at some points and thus the BI function "isFlatEmpty" does not work as expected and plants the HQ on the shore, partially into the water sometimes. Thus if you're spawned in a miserable place you need to restart the mission for now, unless you manage to move the HQ.

I'll start on putting in more of your wished features now, I promise. But as it seems I need to convert my Git branching strategy into a submodule strategy first, which will eat up some more time before I can continue to do anything, which is part of my learning process with Git too (powerful tool!).

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