Insurgency is based off the game mode created by the Project Reality team.

Target is to find and blow up all weapons caches. In order to pinpoint the weapon caches, one needs to evaluate intelligence dropped from killed insurgents. While the BLUFOR team advances through the villages, and towns, clearing out armed insurgents, the squares will go from red to green, marking that the area has been cleared and safe.

OPFOR players can spawn into enemy AI units to make the task of BLUFOR a mayhem.

I run a test and playing server at

Teamspeak server is at ts3.zerouptime.ch:9987.

The AI vehicles use Kronzy's UPS.
The loadout dialog is a modified version of the one from Benny's Warfare.
Reezo's IEDdetect (only used ambient bomber script)
Wolffy.au Module Improvement Project
All other scripts are written by pogoman and now modified and/or rewritten by Fireball.


Find me at BI Forums, nick name Fireball.

Check out my Insurgency Thread in BIF

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Manager: Fireball
Developer: Fireball, Kol9yN
Reporter: cranky, PITN, Swedge

Latest news

New release for Arma 3: 0.90
Finally we got around to release a A3 version on Stratis!
Added by Fireball almost 2 years ago

New versions: Insurgency 1.0 and 1.5 (1 comment)
Insurgency will new appear in a classic form as version 1.0 (bugfixes only) and new features and experiments in version 1.5.
Added by Fireball about 3 years ago

Kol9yn joined project Insurgency (1 comment)
Already a while ago Kol9yn (pronounced Koldun) joined project Insurgency.
Added by Fireball about 3 years ago

Insurgency 0.81 released
Insurgency 0.81 released after a big break.
Added by Fireball over 3 years ago

The big break (1 comment)
I've taken a break due to lack of motivation, but decided to pull myself together to fix some naughty open bugs.
Added by Fireball over 3 years ago

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