Insurgency is based off the game mode created by the Project Reality team.

Target is to find and blow up all weapons caches. In order to pinpoint the weapon caches, one needs to evaluate intelligence dropped from killed insurgents. While the BLUFOR team advances through the villages, and towns, clearing out armed insurgents, the squares will go from red to green, marking that the area has been cleared and safe.

OPFOR players can spawn into enemy AI units to make the task of BLUFOR a mayhem.

The AI vehicles use Kronzy's UPS.
The loadout dialog is a modified version of the one from Benny's Warfare.
Reezo's IEDdetect (only used ambient bomber script)
Wolffy.au Module Improvement Project
All other scripts are written by pogoman and now modified and/or rewritten by Fireball.


Check out Insurgency for Arma2 in BIF ( no official support )


Arma 3 version 0.90 is not working, as it was made in the days of A3 Alpha.

This version is going to be updated and redesigned, but until then access to files section and repository has been removed, not to create confusion. Once I have a working Arma3 version I will reopen the files section, but expect license update, due to BI monetization policy, which I do not support, and I dont want to see anyone's hard work not license protected being monetized in any kind of way or form. This was made to be free for all and as such it will remain.

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Manager: Jastreb
Developer: Outlawz7, Ruthberg

Latest news

Insurgency 3 closed Alpha testing (4 comments)
It is happening!
Added by Jastreb about 2 years ago

Welcome to our new developers
Progress has been made, expect the good news very soon, and give a warm welcome to our new developers, which have made the insurgency mission project rise up again, rewritten from scratch for Arma 3
Added by Jastreb about 2 years ago

Fireball has left the Battlefield, project ressurection (6 comments)
Fireball has retreated. Insurgency needs a new blood and hopefully we can resurrect it to be even better. A2 version reached EOL.
Added by Jastreb over 2 years ago

New release for Arma 3: 0.90
Finally we got around to release a A3 version on Stratis!
Added by Fireball over 4 years ago

New versions: Insurgency 1.0 and 1.5 (1 comment)
Insurgency will new appear in a classic form as version 1.0 (bugfixes only) and new features and experiments in version 1.5.
Added by Fireball over 5 years ago

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