Beta 0.6 change log


The entire focus for the past week or more has been to fix this game breaking "slow response" bug relating to dialogs and actions. There have been significant internal changes made to try and work around these issues, as best that Arma 2 now allows.


  • Updated: Ver 0.5 was incorrectly shown as ver 0.4 (only file name was shown as 0.5).
  • Fixed: Performance: Possibly fixed/worked around some/many performance degradation issues.
  • Fixed: Performance: Navigation waypoint (WpHUD) script spawning loop bug, which would have affected performance over time.
  • Fixed: Performance: Multiple dialog spawns, when activated via key press and not via action.
  • Fixed: Performance: Bug of respawning and getting stranded out nowhere (due to respawn dialog taking forever to appear).
  • Changed: Performance: Immediate spawn without dialog. (You now need to manually select "Base Deployment" action to simulate previous behaviour.)
  • Changed: Updating appearance of dialogs.
  • Changed: Clean out unused code to reduce overall size. No performance difference.
  • Added/Changed: There's a new "Configuration" menu option called "Menus" with options "Advanced" or "Basic" to control whether to show all menus or just the commonly used ones. The mission will now default to Basic mode.