Project status

  • Game mode engine is at beta testing stage.
  • Completing functionality and missions.


  • Beta version available in the file stash
  • PDF Manual. Not available yet.

Overview of all missions

Change logs

Quick preview notes and WIP screenshots

  • Scoring - Brand new teamwork scoring system. Gone are the days where you are measured by your "number of kills".
  • Armaments dialog - Limits special kits. Gone are the days where your vehicle will be challenged by a squad of 8 AT soldiers.
  • Popup menu - Provides extra comm's abilities.
  • Respawn dialog - Allows base deployment and respawning to: base, outposts, FOB's, (to do: rally points), mobile respawn vehicles.
  • Cargo airlift monitoring MFD - makes airlifting a lot easier.
  • Cargo transport - cargo (eg: static weapons, fuel, tents, etc) and FOB containers can now be transported by trucks, pick-ups and heavy helicopters.
  • FOB's - Bunkers are now called FOB's. They are the deployable spawn points. They are packed in containers for transport, then unpacked on site.
  • Team Management dialog - allows you to choose which squads to buddy up with and who should be squad (fire team) leader


I'm constantly reading about how players want more complex Team vs Team missions and are even asking for the Project Reality mod concept and there are not enough people doing full featured TvT missions which are suitable for public servers, so this game mode (AAS and sub-components combined) has been designed and created to incorporate the fundamental concepts of Project Reality along with many improvements and extra features to create a unique game mode experience for Arma 2.

Game mode description

The Devastation/AAS v2 is a competitive team versus team MP game mode suitable for public servers. It uses the basis of Sector Control with the added extensions of grouped zones, linked sectors and sequenced capture order to provide a battlefront concept which still works well for fewer players (20-50). It does not work well for too few players (eg: 6v6).

AAS Core Engine

The Devastation game mode is built on top of the AAS v2 Engine, which was developed by ArMoGaDoN (aka: [WWS]WarWolf). The AAS2 Engine essentially controls the objectives for the mission. Devastation only uses less than half of the engine's full capabilities, which we'll hopefully rectify in future. Other 3rd party scripts are listed in the readme file. The Arma 2 version was ported over from ArmA.



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