What is dev heaven

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h1. Why DevHeaven?

Several years into the community showed pretty clearly that there is no place
solely dedicated to experienced devs, their needs and topics of interest.


h1. What is DevHeaven?

DevHeaven is very focused on several topics not yet present in the community,
while not touching topics already being support very well by other community sites.

We fill a gap to improve the modding scene in the long run.

* We work together closely "OFPEC":http://ofpec.com. Several members are very active on both sites.
* The "BIKI":http://community.bistudio.com is the place we merge our knowledge into,
we are cooperating closely with the BIKI admins, and provide a forum to talk
about "BIKI problems and to discuss BIKI related topics":/projects/heaven/boards/show/8.
* The DevHeaven site supports A1 (no OFP) and will soon have its focus in A2.
* DevHeaven does not plan to do 1on1 question-answer/solutions forum support. We believe in creating searchable resources for seasoned developers and beginners alike to save time and effort. If you find out something, please share.
* DevHeaven will not review missions, provide a download sevice, or conduct clan/league business, and will limit news to hosted projects only.
There are the excellent sites of "OFPEC":http://ofpec.com, "news websites":http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/News_Websites which already do this job so much better.
* DevHeaven provides "arma project hosting":/wiki/heaven/Request_your_project_space to anyone for free.

h2. Pretext

Many modders are creative people foremost. This means they are not into configs,
high level scripting, design, release process, tools to improve the result or
save time and many more topics.

From this baseline, we try to provide a, different, learning experience to improve
people's skill and therefore the quality of their work in the long run.


Every addon released follows a common standard to ensure better quality and
less hassle for all parties involved.

The whole concept is meant to involve all parties in all considerations done:

* Devs/modders
* Distributors
* Server admins
* Players
* Leagues
* MODs

h2. Goals of DevHeaven

* Improve the skills and knowledge of devs
* Understand best practices
* Improve addon quality
* Develop and establish standards
* Smooth the transition to A2
* Simplify the creation of an addon
* Simplify the release of an addon
* Simplify the distribution of an addon
* Simplify the usage of an addon
* Simplify the update process of an addon

h2. Realization

* Brainstorm ideas & concepts in the "DevHeaven Wave":wave forum":/projects/heaven/boards and [[Skype|Skype group]].
* Document the results in the BIKI - Guides, tutorials, standards etc.
* Develop tools to reduce time and effort and enhance the possibilities.
* Develop addon and code templates to save time and improve the quality.
* Try to get the results of any sort to become common practice in the dev

h2. DevHeaven services