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kju, 04/29/2009 12:42
Added 'Virtual folders and files' page.

Virtual folders and files

Working with Repositories in ArmA.

  • Vista mklink:
  • Wiki: NTFS junction point
  • Link Shell Extension
    LSE adds Hardlinks and Junctions to XP and Vista. In short both allow making a file (HL)
    or a folder and its content (Junction) available a second or x location on your hard drive
    without piratically no more HDD space used.
    The basic idea is to offer a second link to the same HDD sector. So while the file/folder is
    NOT duplicated, it is made available to the OS more times in different locations.
    An example of benefit is to use hardlinks for pbos instead of copying one and the same file
    x-times into each modfolder. One time HDD space use vs x-times.
    A second example is to make an arma campaign folder from any source available to the required
    .\arma\campaigns folder.
    LSE offers a very simple and enjoyable drag and drop mechanism (RMB pick link source -> drop
    link as .. at the target location).

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