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Private and Public Key Files

To connect to a dev-heaven.net ssh host, you must authenticate with a private/public key combination.
Please follow the following steps.


  • (Windows) Install Putty Suite
  • Create a Key Set with PuttyGen or ssh-keygen (If you don't use a password, you can autoload the key in pageant, but it is also less secure)
  • Send PUBLICkey to admin (Guard the PRIVATEkey with your life! :D)

(After any reboot) if you want to access a dev-heaven.net ssh host:

  • Load your PRIVATEkey into the PageAnt application (Part of putty suite).
  • You are recommended to add a link to autostart with the param(s) to you key file(s).
D:\Programme\Putty\pageant.exe "D:\Programme\Putty\oac_private_key2.ppk" 

At the start you need connect a new host once via putty:

  • Open a connection with putty, to the host (e.g: git.dev-heaven.net) DO NOT save it!
    • Click YES/Accept to accept the server key
    • Close putty again



Recommended Clients

Other Clients

Experimental Clients

  • NetBeans Git Plugin (This is only a wrapper, you still require a Git Implementation (MSYS/CygWin))
  • TortoiseGit (Simple Gui) (This is only a wrapper, you still require a Git Implementation (MSYS/CygWin))


  • (Make sure the Putty suite is installed)
  • Install MSysGit (2GB Fixed Edition!)
    • Choose to install for Windows Command Line (Middle option, out of 3)
    • Choose to use Plink for SSH
  • Edit your path and add the path/to/git/bin (Control Panel, System, Advanced, Environment Variables, Path), e.g: C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\Bin
  • Install GitExtensions
    • If you install the CompleteSetup, please do not install the included MSysGit with it!!
    • Choose to install KDiff (Only available in CompleteSetup). You can also download & install this application seperately (google)
    • Incase of 64-bit Windows, if you also want to use the Extensions in 32-bit applications (like Total Commander);
      • also download the .zip file
      • unpack the GitExtensionsShell.dll
      • rename it to GitExtensionsShellEx32.dll
      • place it in your Git Extensions installation folder
      • regsvr32 GitExtensionsShellEx32.dll from a dos prompt
  • Startup the Git Extensions application, and verify that all settings are okay
    • UserName
    • E-mail
    • Application Locations
    • Favorite Editor and Diff/Merge program


  • User + Email Settings: You can use Git Extensions Settings for this
  • AutoCRLF Disable: You can use the git config --system or --global command, e.g (in commandprompt or run): git config --global core.autocrlf false

Initial Steps

  • Please make sure your keyAgent (e.g Pageant) is running, and your private key is loaded
  • Use interface or cli git: git clone :REPOSITORYNAME.git (Receive repository name from admin)
    • In case of message: "The server's host key is not cached in the registry. You
      have no guarantee that the server is the computer you
      think it is.", press y


  • In Git, you have a local copy of the repository
  • If you commit, you only commit to your local repository. If you want to push your changes to the shared remote repository, you must first git pull, and then git push
  • If you wish to fetch, you use git pull
  • If there are things to merge, like changes to files by 2 persons, use git merge
  • every git command can be used with --help for basic help output
  • If you wish to look at the log using the GIT Gui on your repository, you can check the Repository Menu, and Visualize master's history (or all branches)
  • First useful git cheat sheet
  • Subversion commands in git

Git use

Staging and Committing Changes

  • If you have Git Extensions installed and properly setup, you can right click a repository and choose "Git Extensions" -> "Browse"
    • You can use this tool to browse the repository+history
    • You can use the "Commit" option in this tool to stage your changes and commit. It works pretty handy with the rescan changes button and other options

Reverting Uncommitted Changes

  • By using the Git Extensions: Browse. Then Commit
  • If your file is already stage, unstage it
  • Right click the file in the top file list, and choose revert changes
  • There are more ways, like hard resetting to current head: git checkout -f (Or in the Commit dialog of Git Extensions: reset changes hard), however, this will revert ALL your currently uncommitted changes

Common problems

Access denied
FATAL ERROR: Server sent disconnect message
type 2 (protocol error):
"Too many authentication failures for git" 

Usually happens when pageant aint running.
Or when you installed msysgit without pointing it to putty plink.


Subversion (SVN)

  • Please make sure your keyAgent (e.g Pageant) is running, and your private key is loaded
  • DevHeaven Url: svn.dev-heaven.net

Virtual Folders / Working with Repositories in ArmA

dev_heaven_private_read_only_key.ppk - Use ONLY for dev heaven - for read only access! (843 Bytes) kju, 04/22/2009 08:03

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