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Dev-heaven.net Groupchat - For Developers-only

  • Feel free to contact any of the dev-heaven.net leads / members to become invited



  • Read back group chat message log / history (even when you were offline)
  • Good overview and easy operable message log / history
  • Ability to edit previous messages
  • Also managing abilities to remove shitty messages etc
  • Typing notification
  • No quit/join / ping time out / connection reset by peer messages
  • Works basically from any network! Can use port 80 or 443 for communication!
  • Peer to Peer, basically always works, no problems with loosing connections
  • Well manageable because it's working with Invite system, allowing full control of user-base per group chat
  • Offline Messaging: When another user is offline, you can still send a message to him. The message will be automatically delivered, when both of you are online the same next time
  • Ability to use Audio
  • Encrypted Messaging
  • Nice (And 99,9% of the time working :)) file send options

Useful Links

Hints & Tips

Short Version for IRC-Alike Chatting:

  • Bookmark chat rooms
  • Never click "Leave Chat" or you must be reinvited
  • To open the Bookmarked Chat, go to Main Skype-window, Chats Menu, Bookmarked chats
  • In Chat-window, Tools & Options Menu, set the contact list to compact
  • In Main Skype-window, View Menu, set Skype to compact
  • in Main Skype-window, Tools Menu, Options, set the Chat Behavior to IRC-like
  • To see online status of other people (even in chat rooms), you might have to add them to your contact list and they might have to accept

  • You can change your nickname to whatever you like, however we would like to recommend having the nick you usual use, at least somewhere inside the name, like: John Doe (Johny), or like: Johny (John Doe) etc.
  • You can rename a contact, and change it into a preferred name. When you have the person in contact list, right click and choose "Rename"

Chat Options

You can check chat-options inside a group chat, by typing:

/help <enter>

Chat Bookmarks

You can bookmark a chat, so you can close it (without leaving!) and returning later

Dont click "Leave Chat"

You will be able to read back what has been said, even when you went offline.

Search in group chats

Press Ctrl + F and enter your search string.

Using another IM Client

If you do not like the Skype UI & Settings, you can wrap the following clients around Skype (Check for plugins):

  • Pidgin
  • Miranda-IM
  • Trillian
  • Possibly others

Message Notifications

  • You can choose to disable message notifications for chat rooms in "Options" --> "Chat notification Settings"
  • You can also set this to only notify you when certain words have been written. For instance: Your nickname, short version of it, apple, pie etc

Contact Status

To see the online status of other people (even in chat rooms), you might have to add them to your contact list and they have to accept your request.


Skype like IRC

  • In a chat room, go to "Tools & Options" >> "View Participants" and set it to "Compact"
  • In the Skype options for "Chats & SMS" >> "Chat Appearance" put the style to "IRC-like"

Compact Skype

You can set Skype in compact mode in the "View Menu".

Disabling Super-Node

Do it properly and without drawbacks

i.e. add

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

to your registry and reboot.

More Info


Skype Crashes on some mobile devices
Try Fring