Dev group chat

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DevHeaven Skype group

We, the DevHeaven community, meet in a Skype group channel to offer support to any service
we provide, as well to give people a place to talk, discuss and share knowledge between
experienced devs in both real time and asynchronous (reading back in full history).

How we operate the channel

We operate the channel IRC like.

This means people normally have Skype running once their computer is on.
Yet the standard is to idle in there instead of focusing on the channel all the time.
This means people look at the channels to see what's going on once they like to and
have the time to do so.
Skype supports the asynchronous use with full history and easy back reading.

The other key aspect is to keep to talk centered around dev related topics.

We try to keep the channel readable. Skype allows easy 4 eyes talk instead of
using the channel for personal talk. Also people are discouraged to spam or
talked about non dev related topics. The channel is meant for dev topics.