SSH-Keyset - what is this?

There are several ways to access the repositories over a secure connection
using SSH (Secure Shell).
This can be achieved using either the standalone Putty Suite installation,
or the embedded tools in GitExtensions.

Creating and using SSH keys with the Putty Suite


1) Install the Putty Suite.

2) Create a Key Set with PuttyGen.

  • Launch the PuttyGen.exe application.
  • Leave the key type at SSH-2 RSA and 1024 bit length.
  • Click the Generate button and move the mouse until the progress bar is full.

3) Save the key pair.

  • Save the PUBLICkey and PRIVATEkey a safe place on your hard-drive.
  • Best to name the keys: NickName_public_ssh_key and NickName_private_ssh_key.
  • Incase you have a password on the PRIVATEkey, you will have to enter this every time
    your key is loaded. A private key password provides most security.
    Yet if you use the ssh key only for dev heaven, it is not needed.

4) Send the PUBLICkey to an admin - Never share the PRIVATEkey.

5) The admin will give your account the read/write permissions to the right project(s),
and tells you the git/svn repository URL.

Access a ssh secured git/svn repository:

  • If you use gitExtensions, you can connect the PRIVATEkey with the repositories within the app.
    See gitExt guide.
  • For SVN/non gitExt use load your PRIVATEkey with the PageAnt.exe application (Part of putty suite).
  • You are recommended to add a link to autostart with the param(s) to you key file(s).
    This will autostart pageant and loads your PRIVATEkey(s) automatically at each windows start,
    and therefore saves you from launching the app yourself and adding the key each time.
    • RMB SC on the pageant.exe.
    • Select create link.
    • RMB SC on the link.
    • Select properties.
    • In the target field add the path to your PRIVATEkey file in quotes behind
      the existing link to the pageant.exe.
    • Move the link file to the autostart folder of your windows user account:
      • In Win XP and 2000:
        C:\Documents and Settings\*User Name*\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
      • In Windows Vista:
        C:\Users\*User Name*\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
D:\Putty\pageant.exe "D:\Putty\my_private_key.ppk" 

First time connecting to a host

  • Open a connection with putty, to the host (e.g: - Do NOT save it!
    • Click YES/Accept to accept the server key.
    • Close Putty again.
  • You only have to do this once per host (server).

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