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h1. What is RSS

"Really Simple Syndication - wikipedia":

To cut it short some source offers some sort of _news_ as a so called feed.

It can be used as alternative to email notification or check your x-tens sites for new blog
posts, release posts, forum thread or post, wiki edits or code changes.

*In other words a different way saving you tons of time!*

h1. How is it useful

Dev heaven, as well as several other community site like OFPEC, AH,, offer feeds.
So for the later you can be notified about news or forum items.

For dev heaven:
* For the complete site
* or per project (just subscribe to multiple rss feeds to pick what is important for you)
* Learn from the activity view (the current active filter creates a custom rss feed) about
** new forum threads/posts
** code commits
** new tickets/ticket changes
** new wiki pages/wiki edits
** project news
** new files

h1. How does it work - subscribe to a feed

In general you need an application, either standalone or you can use the browser for it.
This topic is part of the next section.

* In the top address bar on the right side there is a *star*. It will turn orange, if a feed
is available on the given page. By clicking you can subscribe to the feed.
* The alternative is an *atom* link present on the dev heaven pages at the very end.

h1. Feed reader applications

h2. Firefox

Firefox itself has no feed reading ability. Yet there are many great addons out there.

Note: To avoid slowdowns with many feeds (20+), you need to download FF 3.1 beta.

h3. Brief


"Home site of brief":

The "Overview": page really sums up brief very well with textual and picture description.


# "Install brief":
# Save all of your feeds to a folder called *feeds* among the other bookmarks.
# Make brief read your feeds
## Open brief (see second item of the workflow).
## Open the brief options (tools icon in the top left of the 'page').
## Switch to the second tab called 'feeds'
## Select the folder where you feeds are located in / save to.


* In lower right you see the current number of unread posts. Mouse hovering shows the detailed
list of item (name and count posts).
* *CTRL LShift A* opens brief as a new tab. Alternatively press the button left to the address bar.
* It is recommended to use brief as a 'task list'.
This means removing done or not longer of interest item out of attention.
** By default the *unread* list has the focus.
** If the selected item is not of interested or the single feed item is enough,
*mark read* the item either via pressing *M*, LMB DblClick on the item description *M* or the button.
** If you want to view the full web page for the context or to add your thoughts,
click *(Alt) Enter* (Alt) Enter or item header (first line) to open the given page in a new tab (see note below).
* Brief will save item by default indefinitely. There are different ways to remove them, if needed.
* You can also search the stash of item in the *search box* search box in the top left - quick access via *.
* You can make brief look for new items by clicking on the top left icon (two green spiral arrows).
Set the *automated cycle time* for brief to check in the main options.

Basically the most important thing is to keep it organized (remove complete site feeds and
mark items read no longer of interest) as well as do not get _waiting for new item_ addicted.

Recommended settings:

Open brief options again.

* Main
** Reduce cycle time if needed.
** Tick: Open brief in a new tab
** Tick: Open items in new tabs
* Display
** You can check the key shortcuts there too.

Advanced topics and tweaks:

* "Keyboard shortcuts":
** Enable current item highlighting by press *Q* once (toggle)
** You can bookmark post via *B* or by clicking on the star in the top left of the item.
Below the unread category, you find the bookmarks.
Pressing B or clicking the star again to remove the item from the bookmarks.
** You can use J/K to scroll the item. Arrow up/down for the categories.
* "You can set a delay for checking each feed":
* "Customizing appearance of feeds":

h2. Opera

No experience present. Please share yours!

h2. Standalone applications

No experience present. Please share yours!

h2. Internet explorer

No experience present. Please share yours!

h1. External feed reader filters