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h1. Request your project space at DevHeaven


*Move ahead, use great tools, enjoy the ride and join DevHeaven!*

h2. DevHeaven offers *you*

* "Project site and home":/projects/show/heaven:
It is very little effort to create a project space for you.
You can also combine it with your given page and forum, and only use the parts
useful or interesting to you.

* "Git repository":/wiki/heaven/What_is_a_Version_Control_System:
A version control system allows you to share the evolving code within the dev team.
It is far superior to the FTP/manual sharing system. It is fun, easy and
very powerful. Enjoy seamless code management in a team today!

* "Repository browser":/repositories/show/oac and "diff viewer":/repositories/diff/oac/oac_missions/missions/custom/snake_hostagerescue.noe/heli_dust.sqs?rev=7ad7bb8a21b0de0728dbc3af8ea3cfd215a51d6b:
The repository browser gives anyone easy access to single files of the repository.
More important is the "revisions view":/repositories/revisions/oac to let team members or users
follow your commit comments and actual changes in the "diffs":/repositories/diff/oac/oac_missions/missions/custom/snake_hostagerescue.noe/heli_dust.sqs?rev=7ad7bb8a21b0de0728dbc3af8ea3cfd215a51d6b in a nice visual comparison.

* "Issue tracking":/projects/heaven/issues:
Issue tracking can and should be more than problem management.
It can also be used for task management. It gives you an easy way to manager
your todos, assign jobs in a team and at the same time keep the overview.
It is very much recommended to keep tasks (and problems) very specific, atomic
(one task/issue per ticket) to make understanding and management as seamless as

* "Project hosting":/projects/list_files/heaven:
You can host your releases and any project related files in the file list stash.
If your bandwidth is getting over the top, you will get word.
Abuse of the file hosting system for non related files will be severely punished.

* "Project wiki":/wiki/spon/Home:
Use the wiki to present your project to the public and explain the features to be
be found inside.
A wiki allows users to easily contribute to the content and therefore make it even
better in a joint effort!

* "Project roadmap":/projects/roadmap/oac:
The roadmap will give both the developers and users are good overview about
upcoming changes or additions for a new version and done for already release
It can also remind people of tasks that need to be done before the next release.

* "Project forum":/projects/heaven/boards:
The project specific forum give users a place to get in contact with the developer
seeking assistance or sharing feedback.

* "eMail forwarding account":/wiki/heaven/Email_forwarding:
Get a DevHeaven e-mail forwarding address to allow people to contact you.

* The DevHeaven community are very experienced modders offer support,
feedback and sharing - become part of the "Skype group today":/wiki/heaven/Skype!

See "Redmine features": for details

h2. Requirements for your project space

* A1/A2 related:
Focusing is shifting more and more to A2 for obvious reasons.

* Free project (no commercial or military use):
We do not support non free projects.

* No abuse:
You have to respect local and international laws as well as the general
code of conduct.

* You are recommended to become an active part of the DevHeaven community
by showing your participation in:
** DevHeaven forum:
Share your thoughts about new tools or addons, scripts and share your
knowledge and experience with the community.
** DevHeaven Skype group:
Get to know the people of the DevHeaven community better, get in closer
contact due to real time and straight forward communication.
** Share your knowledge and experience:
BIKI, DevHeaven wiki, forum.
** Share your project(s):
Make your project available as early as possible to get feedback
for better design, different ideas and collaboration for your project!

h2. Contact us

Contact [[Dev_heaven#DevHeaven-support-team|DevHeaven support team]] via Mail

Please provide the following details:
* Project name
* Project tag (for the URL)
* Project admin(s) (DH account name)
* GIT use: yes/no

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