This is a compilation of tools and links that may be of use, or people are already using. It is by no means exhaustive or complete...

Archive Managers

BrainStorming (Mindmapping)

Difference Tools

  • CompareIt
    File comparison - great GUI, simple, all required functionality.
  • WinDiff
    Folder comparison - simple, effective, decent and useful GUI.
  • Kdiff
  • WinMerge

File Editors

Detailed overview and usage tips at Code Editors.

File Editor Plugins

File Viewers

File Transfer


DevHeaven wiki: NSIS

Mass File Rename Tools

  • TheRename
  • LupasRename
    Mass file renaming - simple, effective, tons of useful options,
    FAST, recursive, REs (a bit complicated though).

'nix tools

Includes all of those "can't live without" utilities

Power Search Tools

DevHeaven wiki: RegularExpressions

Remote and Multiple Desktops

SysInternals Suite

A whole suite of really useful windows tools to aid debugging and understanding.
Notable tools are:
  • ProcessExplorer
  • Procmon
  • Filemon
  • Regmon

Telnet/SSH client

DevHeaven wiki: SSH-Keyset guide

Version Control

DevHeaven wiki: What is a Version Control System

Version Control Frontends

DevHeaven wiki: Git vs SVN comparison