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kju, 04/29/2009 07:13

Git vs SVN comparison


Overall SVN easier to get into and is more accessible due to the
excellent app called TortoiseSVN (TSVN).
It is a GUI tool that allows you easy execution of all important
standard workflow commands via good explorer integration.

Git has a not yet such excellent tools.
However TortoiseGit (TGit) is in heavy and rapid development.
Git GUI, part of the standard windows git package, and especially
the all-in-one package gitExtensions are work well.


Pros of git

Cons of git

Recommended videos

  • GitCasts: Git on Windows. 13 minute screencast.
    Nice straight forward introduction to git; installing git on windows,
    using git GUI. Needs basic understanding of VCS.
  • Distributed Version Control with Git 50 minutes screencast.
    Explains VBS in general, pros of distributed ones and
  • Git Overview Demo 30 minutes screencast. Quite nice video
    explaining in detail and easy to understand how to do
    the basic operations on command line. Great way to get
    into the basic workflow and possibilities of VCS.
    Also show git GUI briefly.
  • git-gui screencast 6 minute screencast.
    Explains basic workflow of git GUI and shows how to
    stage and commit single line(s).
    This allows small, atomic commits easily! No longer worry
    about changing several aspects at the same time.
    You can sort the commits later on smoothly with this.
  • GitExtension videos tutorials:
  • Hasan on GIT: 20 minutes recording of git presentation.
    Fair job and bit more interactive and fun due the present audience.


These are all command line based videos explaining the basics of git throughly.

  • GitCasts: Setup, Initialization and Cloning: 5 minute screencast.
    This episode shows you how to setup your Git configuration, how to initialize
    a new repository and how to clone an existing repository over both
    the Git transport and the HTTP transport.
  • GitCasts: Git Diff: 9 minute screencast. Command line used.
    This episode goes over some of the common or interesting options to 'git diff',
    showing how to see what has changed between your last commit and
    your staged files, unstaged files, all changed files or another commit.
    We also demonstrate how to create and apply patchfiles and
    how to view changed file stats using diff.
  • GitCasts: Git Log: 6 minute screencast.
    This episode is on git-log, which demonstrates most of the major features and
    options to the git-log command. It includes showing the stat, short-stat and
    name-stat options, the pretty options, the since and until limiters, the path
    limiter and author field searching.
  • GitCasts: Interactive Adding: 4 minute screencast.
    This episode demonstrates how to use the git interactive add command.
    It covers all of the major features of interactive adding, including status,
    update, revert, add untracked, patch and diff.


  • GitCasts: Branching and Merging: 9 minute screencast.
    In this screencast, we take you through a workflow where we branch, stash and
    merge several times. It demonstrates the branch and show-branch commands,
    how to switch branches, how to stash changes, how to list and apply stashes,
    how to resolve conflicts, how to create and delete topic branches,
    and what fast-forward merges are.
  • GitCasts: Git Submodules: 15 minutes Screencast.
    Needs submodules concept understanding!
    Shows use of submodules quite extensively and well presented.
  • GitCasts: Browsing Git Objects: 7 minute screencast.
    In this episode, I show how to browse and inspect raw Git objects.
    The major tools covered are the git cat-file and git ls-tree commands to
    inspect the object contents, and then I cover some of the included graphical
    browsers, gitk and gitweb.


Subversion (SVN)



Recommended videos

  • "TortoiseSVN (Subversion) for local use:
    Short and good for non IT people. Summarizes the basic workflow.
    • Part 1: 4 minute screencast.
      Topic: Baisc introduction to VCS and basic install guide for TSVN.
    • Part 2: 6 minute screencast.
      Topic: The basic checkout of a repository.
    • Part 3: 6 minute screencast.
      Topic: Organization, create basic directory structure.
    • Part 4a: 8 minute screencast.
      Topic: Checkout and add files.
    • Part 4b: 4 minute screencast.
      Topic: Checkin or committing files to the repository.
    • Part 5: 9 minute screencast.
      Topic: Version of files, commit comments.
    • Part 6a: 6 minute screencast.
      Topic: Version number for files, SVN log and file history.
    • Part 6b: 6 minute screencast.
      Topic: Basic intro to the concept of branching and how to create them in TSVN.


  • Best Practices for Subversion: 8 minute screencast.
    Somewhat confusing as voice and text are not properly linked. Fair idea to listen
    to voice only first and watch it a second time without sound.
    That said good video sharing some thoughts about standard SVN directory structure
    and directory design, updating, commit logs and binary file handling in SVN.
  • Creating a Branch in SVN with TSVN: 3 minute screencast.
    Short, nicely explained and well done.


  • Apache and TortoiseSVN. 20 minutes screencast.
    In case you want to setup your own SVN repository on a server with apache.



  • TSVN @ wikipedia: Short and good feature summary.
  • TSVN home site: Features of TSVN section contains many links to
    pictures to give you an good idea of the tool and its look.



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