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kju, 04/27/2009 18:10

Git vs SVN comparison


Overall SVN easier to get into and is more accessible due to the
excellent app called TortoiseSVN (TSVN).
It is a GUI tool that allows you easy execution of all important
standard workflow commands via good explorer integration.

  • TSVN @ wikipedia: Short and good feature summary.
  • TSVN home site: Features of TSVN section contains many links to
    pictures to give you an good idea of the tool and its look.

Git has a not yet such excellent tools.
However TortoiseGit (TGit) is in heavy and rapid development.
Git GUI, part of the standard windows git package, and especially
the all-in-one package gitExtensions are work well.

Pros of git

Cons of git

Recomended videos

Pros of SVN

Cons of SVN

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