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kju, 05/18/2009 16:14

What is DevHeaven?

  • DevHeaven is a place for experienced devs to learn, share, discuss and collaborate
    or people willing to work hard to become skilled as well.
  • DevHeaven promotes open source, easy access, sharing of knowledge and information,
    as well as encourages team work to ease effort and reduce time needed for development.
  • We, the DevHeaven community, teach people by practice, open and easy access to our work,
    and by writing guides to allow you to learn - no forum Q&A.

Learn more about the vision, goals and strategy to realize it!

DevHeaven Skype group community

We, the DevHeaven community, meet in a Skype group channel to offer support to any service
we provide, as well to give people a place to talk, discuss and share knowledge between
experienced devs in both real time and asynchronous (reading back in full history).

Learn more about the DevHeaven Skype group channel and how to join up!

DevHeaven wiki

While fully support the BIKI and merge our knowledge in the BIKI,
we operate a dev topics centered wiki here at DevHeaven.

  • RSS will help you to easily receive informations and stay up-to-date.
  • SSH-Keyset will explain you how to easily access DevHeaven project repositories.
  • What is a Version Control System will open your eyes how to work like an expert as a team.
  • Code editors and Diff tools will broaden your horizon on coding tools and the possibilities
    to work far more efficiently and enjoyable!
  • RegularExpressions will make you discover one magic tool to make do big search and replace tasks in a minute.
  • Shell extension will fill you in how to make tools very accessible in windows.
  • Toolset overview will give you an idea about the range of tools useful for development.
    Even more it will make you aware of available tools as well as tools in development to join the effort
    in any way to avoid doing the same work twice and help getting the best tool out.
  • Virtual folders and files will teach you about hard links and junctions to make files, folders and
    their content available elsewhere on your hard disk as many times as you wish without more HDD space use.

DevHeaven forum

Addon/script reviews, A2 knowledge sharing, tools discussion

DevHeaven project overview

DevHeaven project list