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kju, 05/12/2009 08:33

What is dev heaven

  • DevHeaven is for experienced devs or people will to become so.
  • DevHeaven promotes sharing (via BIKI support, project hosting, writing guides and tools).
  • We will NOT do noob support.
  • Instead we teach people by example and via guides - no forum Q&A.
  • DevHeaven wants to work together closely with BIKI and OFPEC.
  • OFPEC has their focus in supporting OFP, A1 and most likely A2.
    DH is A1 and will soon have its focus in A2.
    OFPEC does noob support and does mission review. DevHeaven not.
  • We do NOT do newssite or download business, nor clan or league business.




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Features of dev heaven:

DH Skype group community

DH wiki


DH forum

Addon/script reviews, A2 knowledge sharing, tools discussion

DH project overview

DH project list