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kju, 04/29/2009 14:38

Welcome at dev heaven!

Communication for dev-heaven.net

Git & SVN - the project file handling (VCS)

Dev tools

RedMine - the website system (RM)

Dev heaven support team

  • Create projects

Server Hardware

  • CPU: AMD Opteron 1356, 4x 2.3 Ghz.
  • MEM: 8 GB
  • HDD: 2x 1TB, RAID-1
  • OS: Linux; Debian


Our backup schedule:
  • Full Backup of Repository, Website and Configuration Data
    • Every Saturday
  • MySQL Databases-Only
    • Twice Every Day

All backups are immediatly uploaded off-site to secure against hardware failure.
Our server is also equiped with RAID-1 to protect our data against single-point-of-failure.
Before any mainteance, we backup the affected data aswell.

We are looking into providing our hosted Projects with private backups of their data.


The costs for running the server powering dev-heaven.net, are 99 EUR a month.
We offer our service freely, but if you would like to support us, please feel free to donate.


Issues list

  • RMB SC on an issue in the list to quick change its settings (ALT + LMB SC for Opera users).
  • Use CTRL + LMB SC to tick multiple issues. Use RMB SC to change them all at once.

Repository changesets

  • Activity on repositories seems only to be synced when the "Repository" tab
    of the Project has been visited since the commits.



Permission testing

  • Use your non standard browser to test anon access.
  • Login temporarily with test/test to test non member permissions.

Unable to view "Statistics" under the Repository view

Please install SVG

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