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Sickboy, 03/24/2009 08:37

Communication for dev-heaven.net

Git & SVN - the project file handling (VCS)


RedMine - the website system (RM)

Dev heaven support team

  • Create projects


Our backup schedule:
  • Full Backup of Repository, Website and Configuration Data
    • Every Saturday
  • MySQL Databases-Only
    • Twice Every Day

All backups are immediatly uploaded off-site to secure against hardware failure.
Our server is also equiped with RAID-1 to protect our data against single-point-of-failure.
Before any mainteance, we backup the affected data aswell.

We are looking into providing our hosted Projects with private backups of their data.

Issues list

  • RMB on an issue in the list to quick change its settings.
  • Use CTRL + LMB to tick multiple issues. Use RMB to change them all at once.

Repository changesets

  • Activity on repositories seems only to be synced when the "Repository" tab of the Project has been visited since the commits.



Permission testing

  • Use your non standard browser to test anon access.
  • Login temporarily with test/test to test non member permissions.

Unable to view "Statistics" under the Repository view

Please install SVG

Good to know

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