Dev heaven

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h1. Communication for

* [[EmailForwarding|E-mail forwarding for devs]]
* [[Skype|Skype group chat]]
* "Forums":/projects/heaven/boards

h1. Git & SVN - the project file handling (VCS)

* [[What_Is_A_VCM|What's a version control system (VCS) and what are its benefits?]]
* [[RequestYourProjectSpace|Request your project space @ Dev Heaven]]
* [[SCM|Setup explained to access a Git/SVN repository]]

h1. RedMine - the website system (RM)

h2. Dev heaven support team

* Site admins
** "Sickboy":/account/show/3
** "kju":/account/show/4

* Create repositories
** "Squelch":/account/show/16 (Git)
** "Sickboy":/account/show/3 (Git/SVN)

* Create projects
** "kju":/account/show/4

* SSH Keys for SVN & Git repositories
** "Sickboy":/account/show/3
** "Squelch":/account/show/16

h2. Backups

Our backup schedule:
* Full Backup of Repository, Website and Configuration Data
** Every Saturday
* MySQL Databases-Only
** Twice Every Day

All backups are immediatly uploaded off-site to secure against hardware failure.
Our server is also equiped with RAID-1 to protect our data against single-point-of-failure.

Issues list

* RMB on an issue in the list to quick change its settings.
* Use CTRL + LMB to tick multiple issues. Use RMB to change them all at once.

h2. Repository changesets

* Activity on repositories seems only to be synced when the "Repository" tab of the Project has been visited since the commits.

h2. Wiki

* "RM WikiFormatting":/help/wiki_syntax_detailed.html
* Overall formatting powered by "Textile":
* "Quick Reference": of Textile formatting
* "Multilevel list with ordered lists":
* [[Style guide]]

h2. Themes

* "Some themes":
* "How to create a custom Redmine theme":

h2. Permission testing

* Use your non standard browser to test *anon* access.
* Login temporarily with test/test to test *non member* permissions.

h2. Unable to view "Statistics" under the Repository view

Please install "SVG":

h1. Good to know

* [[HandyLinks|Handy Links]]