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h1. Repositories

h2. Git

h3. Windows Clients

* "MsysGit": (CmdLine+Advanced GUI): (During installation, choose to use the Command line (So Git is added to path))
* "Putty suite":
** Install it before MsysGit
** During MsysGit installation choose *plink* for ssh
* "TortoiseGit": (Simple Gui) (requires MsysGit)

h3. Access

* Install the git software, and set the GIT Config ASAP
** You can use the git config --system or --global command, e.g: git config --system core.autocrlf false or git config --system Test
or do it manually:
** .gitconfig file must be created under your HOME folder (Linux: ~, Windows: x:\Documents and Settings/Your Name or x:\users\your name)
** UserName and E-mail are to identify you during commits. autocrlf disabled means there won't be conversions done between Windows and Linux file formats

autocrlf = false
email =
name = BuildTools

* Create a Key Set with PuttyGen (Part of the putty suite) or ssh-keygen
* Send PUBLICkey to admin (Guard the PRIVATEkey with your life! :D)
* Load your PRIVATEkey into the PageAnt application (Part of putty suite)
* Make a connection with putty, to
** Click YES/Accept to accept the server key
** Close putty again
* Use interface or cli git: git clone (Receive repository name from admin)
** In case of message: "The server's host key is not cached in the registry. You
have no guarantee that the server is the computer you
think it is.", press y

h3. MsysGit (Windows) Limitations Windows Limits

* The git repository can handle maximum 2GB pack files. You will not be able to clone repositories which have bigger pack files than 2GB.
** Workaround: Use Cygwin Git to clone the repository. Afterwards, you can use the Cygwin tools on the repository, or if you like msysgit and tortoisegit etc, you can execute git repack -ad --max-pack-size=1024 on the repository, when that is done, you can use the other tools again, until
Personally we've set a pack file in the repository hits 2GB again. Just redo the Cygwin repack procedure limit for 1024MB per Pack file.

h3. JumpStart

* In Git, you have a local copy of the repository
* If you commit, you only commit to your local repository. If you want to push your changes to the shared remote repository, you must first git pull, and then git push
* If you wish to fetch, you use git pull
* If there are things to merge, like changes to files by 2 persons, use git merge
* every git command can be used with --help for basic help output
* If you wish to look at the log using the GIT Gui on your repository, you can check the Repository Menu, and Visualize master's history (or all branches)

h3. Info

* Git:
* Subversion to Git Users:
* Git <-> SVN Linked together:
* Why Better:
* GitFaq:
* GitHub:
* Gitorious:
* GitEnabled Pastebin:

h1. RM knowledge

h2. Wiki

* "RM WikiFormatting":
* "Trac WikiFormatting":