Dev-Heaven Software upgrades

Added by Sickboy over 6 years ago

Redmine, the web-software powering dev-heaven, has been upgraded from 0.9.3 to 1.1.2.
The linux operating system, kernel and various services like git, have also been upgraded to the latest.

If you find any issues, let me know;


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Added Disqus support (1 comment)

Added by Sickboy over 6 years ago

Info about disqus:

Enabling Disqus module on your project sets it up for identifier: project-{project_identifier}

Macros available in any dev-heaven page, wiki, issue, etc:
(Need to add extra { before disqus, so {{disqus

{disqus}} - which will setup a disqus box for project-#{project_identifier}    (same as the module)
{disqus(someId)}}   - which will set up a disqus box for   project-{project_identifer}-someId
{disqus(project_id,someId)}}  - which will setup a disqus box for project-project_id-someId
{disqus(disqus_id,project_id,someId)}}  - which will setup a disqus box for disqus_id (only works if you are the owner of the disqus_id and have allowed domain), with identifier: project-project_id-someId


Live Example

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Dev-Heaven Issues resolved

Added by Sickboy over 6 years ago

The about-a-week-ago announced Connection and Stability issues have subsided.
The stability issues were solved with the (PDF)-export bandaid.
While our provider seems to have solved the connection issues.

Incase of any future issues, registration or otherwise, please visit Dev-Heaven support

Dev-Heaven Connection and Stability Issues

Added by Sickboy over 6 years ago

As of past week, the network our server is part of has been under heavy traffic,
therefore our sites and services have been badly reachable at different times of the day/week.
I have requested our provider to resolve the issue systematically, I hope this will be handled soon.

As to last weeks Dev-Heaven Stability and Performance increases! report;
we have been experiencing some of the old issues again after about a week of running stable,
after investigating backtraces and logs, I've narrowed the issue down to the PDF export of the site,
and hammering by search-spiders.
The issue hasn't reoccurred since I've applied a bandaid, so things are looking good :-)

Incase of any issues or feedback, please see Dev-Heaven Support.

Dev-Heaven Stability and Performance increases!

Added by Sickboy over 6 years ago

As of this week, we've implemented the latest version of Passenger (MOD_Rails),
which hosts the (and all related) web-applications inside the Nginx webserver.

After a week of testing, we can safely say the following:
  • Stability has increased a lot! No more hordes of locked-up @ 100% CPU Ruby processes (the cause for "502 Bad Gateway"), which in turn also cranks up performance.
  • Performance has increased! Pageloads seem faster across the board!
  • Spool-up time has decreased! Initial Pageloads are as fast as any other now, under most circumstances!


Dev-Heaven Forum and CIT on Wave

Added by Sickboy almost 7 years ago

PDF Version for those interested

{{wave(w+jr1rvF24B,Dev-Heaven Forum and CIT on Wave)}}

Gravatars enabled!

Added by Sickboy almost 7 years ago

Avatars give a somewhat more personal feel, but also way of easily identifying tickets/activity etc.
If you do not configure an avatar at, there will be one auto-generated.
Have fun :)

Successful migration to new server!

Added by Sickboy almost 7 years ago

As of right now the website and all our services have been migrated to a new server.
We've moved to 2x Quad Xeon, enterprise hardware (nic / mem), SSD for system and databases, and a 1 Gbit connection!
I hope our problems with packet-loss and down-time of site or services due to problematic processes on the server,
are history; current testing results look very good :), i'm sure the additional performance will be welcomed as well.


(Perhaps this is an excellent time to mention the ability to Donate again: ;-)

Successful upgrade to Redmine 0.9!

Added by Sickboy over 7 years ago

As promised 2 weeks ago, we now have successfully upgraded to Redmine 0.9!

There are a ton of improvements and fixes, minor ones and major ones. See below for details.
In the meantime we have also solved SVN repository view issues.

There are also some features that are currently not working:
  • Private Issues: These issues have been deleted from the Production site. They are still available in the backup 0.8 site.
  • FAQ Module: The FAQ items are still reachable on the backup 0.8 site.
  • Stuff Todo: Might reappear rather soon.

Project owners can retrieve access to the backup 0.8 site, in the dev-heaven skype groupchat


(List does not include everything, but most of it :))

Important fixes

  • Wiki/News/Documents truncate contents to 64K in MYSQL
  • Target Version does not sort
  • Include both first and last name when sorting by users
  • Cross project issue relations and user permissions
  • Moved tickets and project permissions
  • TOC does not parse wiki page reference links with description
  • Activity page and Atom feed URL naming
  • no Atom key for forums with only 1 forum
  • Sometimes new posts don't show up in the topic list of a forum.
  • User removed from project - still getting project update emails
  • Page changes in issue-list when using context menu
  • Diff view shows two tables and partial diff
  • Quoting in forums resets message subject
  • Wiki pages in search results are referenced by project number, not by project identifier.


  • Add email notification on Wiki changes
  • Support bulk updating of custom fields
  • Inheritence of Versions to Subprojects
  • Remove limit on subproject nesting
  • OpenID login
  • Users could have multiple roles
  • Add "Watched by me" to issue filter
  • Copy A Project (allows also Template projects - Or copy as new feature, also Copy users to new projects, also Roadmap for main project should see Roadmaps for sub projects)
  • Create project for no administrator user
  • Make issue description non-required field
  • Being able to sort the issue list by custom fields
  • close versions
  • User display/editing of custom fields attached to their user profile
  • Browse through Git branches
  • Add "follows" issue relation
  • Copy workflows between trackers and roles
  • Defaults enabled modules list for project creation
  • Adds ability to bulk copy issues. This can be done by checking the 'Copy' checkbox on the 'Move' form.
  • Show to user a path of wiki localization
  • Autocreate user account when user submits email that creates new issue
  • Highlight overdue Tickets
  • Adds tracker update to context menu and bulk edit form + Enable tracker update on issue edit form
  • Ability to move forum threads
  • Administration > Custom fields (list) > Possible values should be a textarea
  • When adding/editing a tracker, you are now able to select associated projects.
  • Set a default wiki page on project creation
  • Ticket grouping
  • Config option to use
  • Hierarchical Project Hyperlinks (Master >> ... >> Child5 >> Child6 >> Child7)
  • Sort issues by multiple columns
  • custom reports based on query
  • Saving "sort order" in custom queries
  • Managers able to create subprojects
  • Adds issue count on assigned and reported 'My page' modules
  • "View Issues" user permission
  • Ask user what to do with child pages when deleting a parent wiki page. 3 options are available:
    • move child pages as root pages
    • move child pages to another parent page
    • delete all descendants
  • The same CSS classes as on the issues list are added to the roadmap view
  • Contextual quick search. Eg. when viewing issues, the quick search will search issues only.
  • Allow resending of password by email
  • Adds permalinks to message replies
  • Renamed the default "Assigned" status to "In Progress".
  • Adds spent time to the activity view
  • Custom fields and overrides on Enumerations
  • Enhanced the Issue Bulk Copy feature:
    • Add a Copy option to the Context menu for multiple issues.
    • Added assigned to, status, start and due date options to the move/copy form.
    • Allow Issue#move_to to change attributes on the moved/copied issue.
  • Use /raw/ for url instead of format=raw for showing raw repository files
  • Allow custom fields for Versions
  • Add or remove columns from the issue list
  • Ability to add new version from issues screen


  • Asynchronous email delivery
  • RESTful URLs for everything
  • Patch to prevent blocked issues from being closed
  • News comment form has no box
  • Link project in simple issue lists
  • add mail field to admin user search filter
  • Tree based menus
  • Users getting notifications for issues they cannot view
  • Second set of issue "Action Links" at the bottom of an issue page

Successful migration to new server!

Added by Sickboy over 7 years ago

We have successfully migrated to a new server!
  • Might take a short while until everyone has access again, browser restarting is probably required
  • There should be a warning that the ssh host-key has changed, and that this is a potential security risk unless its because the server officially changed. Please accept the new key.
    • Open Putty, connect once to and/or and accept the new hostkey. Then close putty.
  • Hope to upgrade to Redmine 0.9 as soon possible, probably in the next week or so. It will bring unlimited nesting of projects, custom permissions per project, and a bunch of other neat improvements.

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