Server migration complete

Added by admin over 2 years ago

The earlier reported server migration has now completed.

You will receive a security warning when accessing git repositories over SSH, please make sure to delete the old (ones) first ( and to accept the new key!

The new fingerprint is: 87:f5:0a:b9:b2:07:87:31:a0:4d:e3:7e:20:e2:e4:d9

Server migration - site down for portions of today

Added by admin over 2 years ago

As of 14:00 CET we'll commence server migration, we should be back before or in the evening.

DevHeaven moves to

Added by kju over 3 years ago

We planned to switch at a later time with an updated page template and Redmine upgrade,
but the SSL cert expiration forced us to do it now on very short notice.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Please adjust the hostname for git: to to

In simple terms replace by

You can update either manually by editing the .git/config file in a text editor
or by using: git set-url origin ....newhost...

Make sure to accept the SSH key of the server once!

If you have any troubles, please contact our support ASAP.

Get ARMA3 devs home: Ivan and Martin jailed in Greece

Added by Sickboy almost 5 years ago

(COMPLETED) Planned server maintenance 2012-02-24 14:45 CET

Added by Sickboy over 5 years ago

Server will go down for memory upgrade and fresh boot at 2012-02-24 14:45 CET.
Expected downtime is up to 30-60 minutes.


Performance boost! (2 comments)

Added by Sickboy over 5 years ago

All sites hosted on the server (DH, SU Portal, SCB, ACE/SIX wagn) should have a performance boost.


DevHeaven goes SSL! (2 comments)

Added by Sickboy over 5 years ago

As of today, DevHeaven has gone SSL (https), improving the security of the website.

At the same time we have implemented GitSmartWeb, which allows accessing git repositories hosted at DevHeaven, through https.
Authentication and Authorization is provided by the DevHeaven website;
You can use your DevHeaven username and password, and have access to the git repositories of the projects you have access to in the site.

You can only use git over https if the git repository has the same name as the project identifier in the website.

Example clone CBA: git clone

Also as of today you can find the repository urls directly in the Repository module of each project.

Redmine Vote plugin update

Added by Sickboy over 5 years ago

  • Managers and Developers can see who voted
  • The Issue Voting module now must be enabled per project (Settings -> Modules). By default it's Disabled.

All registered users can now edit ticket headers

Added by kju almost 6 years ago

This change will get rid of a major annoyance of DH users.

Now you can edit your own ticket header in any project,
and also ticket header's of any other person.

Obviously be careful and cautious when editing other people's
ticket headers. Just use common sense.

We enabled this now as recent update of redmine introduced
diffs also for ticket headers. Therefore one can easily follow
to the ticket header.

Here is a brief step-by-step screenshot how-to:
  1. Hit Reply/Update
  2. Select Change properties [more]
  3. Change the Tracker/Subject/Description
  4. Notice the diff item
  5. Sample diff

If you have any issues, complaints or feedback,
please contact the site staff.


Dev-Heaven Software upgrade

Added by Sickboy about 6 years ago

Redmine, the web-software powering dev-heaven, has been upgraded from 1.1.2 to 1.2.0.
Most notably Git repository browsing speed has majorly improved.

If you find any issues, let me know;


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