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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated Category Target version Votes
70173 BugClosedNormalExpired security certificateceeebSickboy01/07/2013 16:46Website0
52812 BugRejectedNormalTicket TKOH 30243 is incomplete for me and can't votetonygruntSickboy10/29/2012 12:47Website1
15257 BugRejectedTrivialNo favicon at 15:53Website1
12126 TaskClosedNormalAdd new entry 'CIT' to top bar.kjuSickboy07/19/2010 18:41Website1.0 upgrade0
11984 FeatureClosedNormalMini-banner (88*31px) to link our website to DevHeavenNicoSickboy07/20/2010 07:44Website1.0 upgrade3
11289 BugClosedHighDev-Heaven unreachable at times, slow, etc.SickboySickboy07/15/2010 18:21Website1
10114 BugClosedNormal"View differences" in repository view does not workzGuba04/17/2010 15:26Website1
10055 BugClosedNormalTranslation missing: en, field_lock_versionkjukju04/17/2010 04:54Website0
3331 FeatureClosedNormalRoadmap - Hide versions without entry.kjukju08/05/2009 10:18Website0
2890 BugClosedNormalInternal error - DH site not available for a few moments here and then.kju04/11/2010 07:09Website0
2194 BugClosedNormalText or bat files have their \r\n removed in the repository view.kjukju10/13/2009 12:53Website0
2166 TaskExpiredLowMake Space for Community/Affiliates Mini-BannersVigilante01/12/2010 10:53Website1
2150 FeatureExpiredNormalGeneric plugin for integrating per project RSS continuous integration feeds in Redminekju04/11/2010 07:10Website0
2147 FeatureExpiredLowRef to a commit via ticket ID only as well.kju04/11/2010 07:05Website0
2146 FeatureClosedHighIs the BotsFilterPlugin of interest?kju04/11/2010 07:04Website0
2145 FeatureClosedHighAre RedmineReminderEmails active?kjukju08/04/2009 12:56Website0
2112 BugExpiredHighForum thread creation automatically adds you to the watcher list.kju04/11/2010 07:04Website0
2062 TaskExpiredUrgentLink mini banner of ACC on the DH site. Cross site referencing.kju04/11/2010 06:35Website1
2017 FeatureExpiredNormalSkype/SkypeGroups Overview PageVigilante04/11/2010 06:34Website1
1941 TaskClosedLowreplace links of info-icon with link to theme image folderVigilanteVigilante06/29/2010 08:39Website1
1940 FeatureExpiredLowAdd filter to activity listVigilante04/11/2010 06:34Website0
1929 FeatureExpiredHighShow more lines in acitivity view for an entry?kju04/11/2010 06:33Website0
1885 BugClosedNormalDevHeaven icon is too small in the projects overview for major projectskjuSpooner06/08/2009 07:02Website0
1687 BugClosedHighLast Message on first page of ACE forum not updatingscottSickboy04/11/2010 06:36Website0
1557 BugExpiredHighProject overview layout is brokenSquelch04/11/2010 06:37Website0
1496 BugClosedNormal'MyPage' and 'StuffToDo' in the site bar should be rightmostkjukju05/25/2009 08:04Website0
1495 TaskClosedImmediate'Projects list' should be available in the site bar.kjukju05/24/2009 17:10Website0
1494 TaskClosedImmediate'Projects' in the site bar should be renamed to 'Projects Overview'kjukju05/24/2009 17:10Website0
1451 BugClosedUrgentGrey-white-grey coloring not working well in forum overview.kjukju06/29/2010 08:39Website0
1450 TaskClosedUrgentForum: subforum names need to be larger than description.kjukju05/24/2009 17:12Website0

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