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kju, 06/11/2009 09:59

EricM Mi28

EricM Mi28 BIF thread

Git repository URL: git@git.dev-heaven.net:mi28_rus_ericm

HowTo contribute


The plan is to gather talents to make one good looking professional model
for everyone, so that it's usable in MP.

The idea is to release the model under the same conditions as the BIS models,
some sort of "Open source" limited to Arma.

All contributors will be credited in the readme, 
yet you will have to provide the MLODs if asked.

Feel free to join in.

You find the ARMA_SampleModels_readme.txt in the files section or in the wiki.

You are very welcome to contribute to the project.
Please refer to the the task list to see whats needed.

Next post in the EricM Mi28 BIF thread to coordinate the effort.

HowTo download the source

1. Create a SSH key.

2. Create a ticket, attach the SSH key and assign it to kju.

3. Once confirmed working, load the SSH key in putty.

4. Download and setup git.

5. Create a folder called x in you .\arma2 folder: .\arma2\x.

6. Open the command line and move to the the x folder:

a) Start - run:
b) Enter: cmd
c) Enter: cd /D g:\games\arma2\x (adapt path)

7. Download the EricM Mi28 git repository. Enter

git clone git@git.dev-heaven.net:mi28_rus_ericm

HowTo upload changes

EricM_Mi28_Havok_Banner.png - Outstanding banner by Vigilante (30.2 kB) kju, 06/11/2009 10:10