A fully customizable zombie mission project. The base functionality consists of the player and his friends being spread out on the map, and then having to fight for survival. The mission, being done with scripts only, is not dependent on any island. You can just change the .chernarus to any other ArmA 2 map. My favorite is lingor and isla duala.

From this basic functionality you can change multiple things in the parameters screen. Adding harder zombies. Different guns. More/less vehicles. Destroy the buildings. Destroy gas stations. It also has an ever expanding selection of sidemissions and tasks. I intend to treat this as an ongoing project, and I will keep adding more and more things as time goes on.

My direction of the project will be based on what the players want. And I've had quite a bit of feedback so far. Keep it up. Thanks!



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Manager: Craig_VG
Developer: Craig_VG

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Version 1.0 Released! (3 comments)
Bug fixes, features, all kinds of 1.0 zombie fun
Added by Craig_VG over 4 years ago

I'm back and 1.0 (5 comments)
I have returned to dev-heaven. 1.0 is on the horizon!
Added by Craig_VG over 4 years ago

Version .85 Released!!
Next version. Includes gameplay updates, along with a few bugs.
Added by Craig_VG almost 5 years ago

Version .80 Relased
Latest version, fixes some stability issues.
Added by Craig_VG almost 5 years ago

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