Cleanrock's CTI Variant (better known as "crCTI") was originally developed and made for Operation Flashpoint, by himself, Cleanrock.
The URR crCTI bases on the Version ported from OFP to ArmA1 by Jack Hammersmith, T_D and Zyklone.

Our Target is to modernize the crCTI completely; That means, every obsolete Script will be reworked, new helpfull Game Funtions will be used, missing Game Features will be replaced as far as possible.

Our goal would be a fast, reliable and stable Gamemode, which should bring a real CTI Feeling, Fun and Eagernessm, Coop just like Player vs Player.

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Manager: Muecke, Roehrenradio
Developer: Larman, Roehrenradio
Tester: Muecke