AAS Complete Pack released (1 comment)

Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster over 6 years ago

Although the AAS Complete Pack was released already one month ago here is the according news and it might be the last one for quite a while. This latest and maybe last "official" release holds the newest versions for ArmA2, Operation Arrowhead and Combined Operations. It contains Templates for each of the three Game-Versions for Stock- and also a couple of famous Community-Islands like Panthera, Namalsk and Quesh Kibrul and more. Coders and Modders will find also the non-shrinked and fully documented code-versions of AAS for each of the three Games (A2/OA/CO).

AAS is designed as PvP-Game-Mode for all but especially for larger scales but it can also be played as SP-Mission with AI against AI or as Coop-Experience. AAS requires NO Mods/Addons to be installed on Server/Clients with Missions based on Stock-Islands. Have fun with more than 140 Missions and all the tools to make countless more!

Due to the lack of public interest in AAS and not receiving much Feedback during the past three months please understand that my personal motivation in running AAS-Activities has reached almost zero meanwhile. It looks like some are doing their own developments recently (which is allowed and appreciated!) but are unfortunately not interested in sharing them with the whole community here. Please understand that I won't answer personal requests via Email and PMs anymore regarding AAS, please use this Site and its Ticket-System or the Forums at for questions/suggestions and Feedback so answers and discussions are available to the whole community and not just for one person. If you want to experience AAS nowadays in a way it was meant to be played in a 30vs30+ environment, the now starting Armed Global Warfare Campaign 5 Tournament is the best place to go I know. So check it out! Thanks to the Basecamp-Allstars who made the AAS-Site/Forums stay online by paying the bills as an archive and maybe it'll come back to live one day.

I thank CoolBox for porting and supporting the best-ever-game-mode AAS to the ArmA-World and of course kju for his countless hours of supporting a complete noob (me) in a million of editing-issues and troubleshooting me integrating his great work into AAS. Of course also thanks to all Members of the AAS-Network and the many many mission makers who all kept this alive! As I failed to attract any new coders to this project for some more polishing it's time for me to step back. I'll check this site and the mentioned Forums for any questions that might arise and try to answer them as good as I can and if one really wants to pick it up with or without my help I'll be glad to support that both. ;-)

Thank you!

3rd AAS-Release for Operation Arrowhead V1.14

Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster almost 7 years ago

So one of the main reasons for this release are 14 new missions (plus the 16 of V1.13 makes 30 total now!). We also use some of the latest Features of the latest 1.54 OA-Update and BAF-(Lite)Content like Artillery (Drill Bill) and Shapur (Shapur Showdown). Also we finally really removed FLIR from all vehicles with this Release of AAS in an consistent and JIP-Safe state and the Medic Revive ability is brought back to live again without the requirement of using Beta-Patches.

  • Thermal View disabled in AAS on Vehicles that gave Blue an unfair advantage
  • Medic Revive working again
  • Removed M203s from Mk16 GL TWS to balance it a bit more with Reds counterpart AK74 Goshawk that has no GL
  • Removed BetaCMAG 100Rnd Mags from Ammo-Crate to avoid usage with Assault-Rifles
  • Added Nightvision-Sniper-Rifles (Sniper-Class)
  • Changed Vehicle Respawn-Delay from 30s to 60s (Default)
  • Changed Default Friendly-Tag Display-Range from 500m to 1000m
  • Exchanged Binoculars with Target Designator/Rangefinder/Lasermarker-Thingy with FLIR and NV (Recon-Class)
  • Fixed Custom Loadouts (Loading a Custom-Loadout without having one saved before won´t let you end up being naked anymore)
  • 14 new AAS-Missions
  • Several Bugfixes
  • Tons of Mission-Fixes

Please note: Only Hosts/Modders/Mission-Designers need to download this Releases. No Addons are required, not even Arma2! Operation Arrowhead patched to V1.54 is all you need to run this.

Get AAS for OA V1.14 here. Checkout for the latest Updates on AAS-Events.

2nd AAS-Release for Operation Arrowhead V1.13

Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster almost 7 years ago

Only 17 days since the initial AAS for OA-Release today it´s time for the next one that introduces a couple of great new Features and ten new challenging Arrowhead-Missions (16 Total now in this Release). Some Features are so brandnew, that the latest OA-Beta-Patch is required yet to see them working or you´ll have to wait until BI releases the next Final Patch to see this AAS-Release fully functional. These are the changes in V1.13:

  • Thermal View disabled in AAS on Vehicles that gave Blue an unfair advantage. (Currently Beta-Patch dependent!)
  • Medic Revive working again (dead bodies do not disappear instantly anymore if the patient is using the latest Beta-Patch)
  • X-Ray Spawn-Protection added, you can´t shoot into and from X-Ray-Bases anymore
  • The AAS-HUD has been improved: Enlarged Minimap, Improved Contrast everywhere and fixed overlapping AAS/ArmA-HUD-Elements
  • Added AAS-Network Loading-Screen so people know where to go find our more about AAS
  • Moved Standard Linear-Default AAS-Template without Neutral from Chernarus to OA-Desert
  • Ten new AAS-Missions
  • Added M32/M79 Grenade-Launchers to Grenadier-Class to both sides (experimental)
  • Added Themal View Mk16 to Blues Recon as counterpart for Reds Goshawk. Great for spotting Snipers!
  • Improved Engineer-Class-Names
  • Improved Weapon-Descriptions on Kits-Menu
  • Improved/Rebalanced Kits
  • Added already legendary Naked Mole Fireteam
  • Several Bugfixes

Please note: In order to host this AAS-Release the Server needs to run OA-Beta 72107 or newer!

Get AAS for OA V1.13 here.

Complete Mission Pack V1.11 released

Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster about 7 years ago

As promised one week ago the separate pure AAS-Missions-Release featuring different Rulesets for Hosts with and without enabled AI is today. There´s also a new feature for Mission-Designers that allows to place Flags at different elevations now.

It fully supports/requires the earlier Addon-Package Installer V1.1 Release

We also made a Ruleset-Cleanup, this release Features a new "Default Ruleset" and two popular Community-Rulesets (Armacalypse and ).

I´m also thankful for the following new missions made by Armacalypse-Community-Members that we are allowed to add as well. These missions are new/updated in this release:

  • Armcalypse Now (Duala)
  • Battle for Zappado (Panthera)
  • Broken River (Panthera)
  • Coastal Roads (Panthera)
  • Dunes Reloaded (Panthera)
  • Jalovisko Disko (Namalsk)
  • Lake Ukane (Panthera)
  • Saint Pierre (Everon)
  • SnowEPass (Namalsk)
  • Strike@Lesce (Panthera)
  • Tara Bridge Sweep (Namalsk)
  • Town Rush (Panthera)
  • Village Run (Panthera)

Get more than 100 AAS-Missions

AAS-Advance and Secure Addon-Package Installer V1.1 released

Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster about 7 years ago

Checkout the News at for details. A separate pure AAS-Mission-Release V1.11 will follow soon within the next few days. I´d like to thank everyone involved in this project and of course the makers of these awesome addons we just put together.

AAS Final 1.0 released (1 comment)

Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster about 7 years ago

Today is the day where I am proud to present the release of "Advance and Secure 1.0". Since the last News one week ago two more AAS-Missions joined the pool and we were able to sort out two more things. One was messing up the Clients RPT and second we made objectives-fonts-size a bit larger so that there are a lot better to read on the Mini-Map.

In case you missed it, we´ve prepared a small 720p HD AAS-Launch-Trailer

There is an official Release/Feedback-Thread at the BI-Forum for our english speaking friends and another one at the PvP-Scene- and the for our german friends. So whereever you have an account, leave us your thoughts!

Don´t miss the Armed Global Warfare Tournament who are first to use the AAS 1.0 Final in their upcoming Campaign 3 soon!

Now go and checkout AAS 1.0! ;-)

Have fun and Happy Easter!

AAS Final is being prepared

Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster over 7 years ago

While we are very busy with the preparations of the upcoming "AAS 1.0" release that is planned for April, here´s a small list of what has been added/changed/fixed meanwhile since the latest Public-Alpha r419 so you hopefully get an idea what to expect:

New Features:

  • Improved new Params-System: Admins can setup TimeOfDay more granular in steps of five minutes now
  • Added "Cancel" option to Spawn-Selector-Dialogue
  • In "Spawn Selector" Dialogue you now see the total number of players before you in the spawn-queue
  • Players who JIP/get Revived/Switch Classes at Map-Nighttimes automatically have nightvision enabled
  • Added AI-Support again based on UPSMON, fully capable of playing AAS even on its own and uses mission vehicles as well!
  • AAS-Templates for Sahrani
  • Unified/Reworked Classes and Kits based on the full ArmA2 weapons arsenal
  • Reduced Cap- and Heal-Range by 50%
  • Increased Heal-Rate to avoid "teamkill and revive" being a ten times faster "solution"


  • Fixed Revive-Score-Problem, works accurate now
  • Fog Settings in Params now make more sense according to their description
  • Various improvements and Bugfixes that should make the AAS-Code hopefully better performing and scalable as well as more robust
  • Fixed Spawn Protection now working reliable again
  • Fixed some Errors messing up the Server.RPT
  • Reduced BootHill-Death-Range (250m) for easier Mission-Design on smaller Terrains/Islands
  • Enabled Override in Classic-Ruleset for individual Vehicle Repawn-Times as requested by
  • Fixed one could have multiple entries in one Spawn-Queue while waiting
  • Fixed unprecise Vehicle Locations after respawn

Updated/New AAS-Maps/Missions for Chernarus, Panthera, Sahrani and Utes:

72 AAS-Missions Total not counting Templates!

AAS beta06 release

Added by kju almost 8 years ago

Pleased to announce the beta06 release, hurried off the press today.

The 50 player support has never been tested to capacity.
So please report how you find it, and if you experience lag or crashes, or bugs.
If the 50 player beta becomes unworkable, there is a 32 player fallback beta 06
which includes the 8 new maps, but not the 50 player upgrade.
Please see the SBS wiki page for more.

The bad news is the fixing of the spawn armour was dropped to make room for
the 50 player upgrade, so that will have to wait until beta 07.

New Features:
  • Support for up to 50 players per map
  • You must exit vehicle to capture flag now
  • Added M203 ammo for blue recon class
  • Medic cross on minimap fixed
  • Ammo for DMR and russian AKM weapons added to crates
  • Reduced chances of accidentally bringing up admin console
New maps:
  • Brutal Coast
  • Gorski's Polemic
  • Krasnostav Advance
  • Pushed For Time
  • Red's Last Stand
  • Skalisty Landing
  • Three Shot Stoli
  • Wild Boar Pursuit

Also available in: Atom