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AAS Complete Pack released (1 comment)
Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster about 6 years ago

3rd AAS-Release for Operation Arrowhead V1.14
Original Plan was to release V1.14 for "Combined Operations" but we got so many new missions for OA-Only-AAS I decided to make another release for OA, so V1.15 will be for Combined Operations.
Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster over 6 years ago

2nd AAS-Release for Operation Arrowhead V1.13
and the first one worth mentioning: 16 Missions already, 25 Templates for all OA-Terrains.
Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster almost 7 years ago

Complete Mission Pack V1.11 released
This release is for Hosts/Mission-Designers, Clients receive contents automatically while playing
Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster almost 7 years ago

AAS-Advance and Secure Addon-Package Installer V1.1 released
Experience ArmA2 Community-Made-Worlds easier than ever before. No "Addon-Knowledge" required!
Added by BCA_Cat_Toaster almost 7 years ago

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