good repro

  1. set to Assigned
  2. assign to BI (leave Assigned to empty)

CTD, with dumps

  1. set Category to Game Crash
  2. set to Assigned
  3. assign to Dwarden

old version

  1. set to Rejected
  2. clear Due Date, Assigned to and Target version

anything else

  1. set to Feedback
  2. Due Date after 2 weeks
  3. Comment explaining what is required

Assigned to BI


  1. Comment reminding BI to update



  1. clear Assigned to
  2. set to Expired


overdue or confirmed

  1. set to Closed
  2. clear Due Date
  3. clear Assigned to

In Progress

  • the issue has been taken in charge by BI





  • the issue is closed and needs no further processing
  • if valid reasons are provided, the bug maybe re-opened and set to Assigned


At new beta patch release

Open and affected by the changelog

  1. set to Resolved if such
  2. Comment with a link to the changelog line(s), if BI changelog doesn't refer it
  3. set target version to version beta , so that appears in beta roadmap
  4. clear Due date

Major update release

still Open and affected by the changelog

  1. set to Resolved, then Closed
  2. Comment with a link to Versions
  3. clear Due Date

Resolved while in beta

  1. move target version from version beta to version
  2. set to Closed
  3. clear Assigned to


  • Titles are conditions, numbered sentences are actions
  • Patches release dates are in the Calendar view
  • Assigned to empty and Assigned status means assigned to Bohemia Interactive (see above for team list)
  • Features have no Due Date
  • When changing status to Rejected or Duplicated, remove Target Version if any
  • Check out Reproduced when the bug has been so by CIT managers
  • Affected version does only include one entry for all Beta builds, which says <next version> BETA


This diagram doesn't show all the possible status changes.

workflow.png (27.9 kB) alef, 02/03/2010 15:40

workflow.svg (13.8 kB) alef, 02/03/2010 15:40