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alef, 02/05/2010 13:16
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Community Issue Tracker - Welcome!

  • This is a free service, please use it in respect to other volunteers free time work.
  • Versions older than the latest patch will be rejected. Since Dec 22nd 2009, version 1.05.

Want to report a crash?

a message that the game has crashed (WER)

  • Send crash error information to BI through Microsoft with WER.
  • Set the Category field to CrashToDesktop and fill the fields:
    • Maxmem parameter (if used), Mainboard chipset, CPU, Operating system
    • Graphics card, Graphics card driver version
  • Upload as much as files described in attachments.

Want to vote an issue or feature?

Want to report a bug?

  • Be short and descriptive, use a bullet point step-by-step reproducibility report in this way:
  1. Repro steps: what to do for the bug to happen
  2. Results seen: what is the bug
  3. Desired results: how should it behave once the bug is fixed


Beta users

  • Please read the BI article. Downloads and changelog here
  • Specify the exact build number in the title [63826] or somewhere in the report, and use version BETA as Affected ArmA II version.
    Beta version are one number ahead: if you read 1.05.63826 in-game, that means 1.06 BETA

the version displays in the main screen, lower right

What and what not

 Do set Due Date two weeks later as you open an issue
Do use the template of Description, Repro, Observed and Expected key points in your new tickets
Do NOT assign issues to any person. This is a moderators job
Do NOT set priority. Priority has meaning only at BI side
Do NOT set the target version. Use the Affected ArmA II Version only
Read the [[workflow]], if you are interested in the process

Links & Acronyms


A crash in beta (click to zoom)

sample_new_CTD_issue.svg (8.8 kB) alef, 02/02/2010 15:12

sample_new_CTD_issue_400.png (56.8 kB) alef, 02/02/2010 16:07

sample_new_CTD_issue_800.png (123.9 kB) alef, 02/02/2010 16:07

WER-100.png (4.7 kB) alef, 02/03/2010 22:27

version-150.png (4.7 kB) alef, 02/03/2010 22:52

CIT_Banner.png (8.3 kB) kju, 01/19/2011 16:37

CIT_Banner2.png (14.9 kB) admin, 02/15/2012 10:46