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alef, 02/02/2010 10:35

ArmA II Community Issue Tracker


You are here to report problems with your copy of the Bohemia Interactive game ArmA II
This is a free service, please use it in respect to other volunteers free time work.
Official support information here and troubleshooting information here.

  • In this tracker, as tester or reporter, please
    • DO set Due Date two weeks later as you open an issue
      • Issues requiring your feedback, and have not been responded to before the due date, will expire
    • DO vote for the issues you would like to be fixed or implemented
      • if you agree with it, if you disagree
    • DO use the template of Description, Repro, Observed and Expected key points in your new tickets
    • Read the workflow, if you are interested in the process, and post ideas here: #1965
    • Have a look at the Most Community Wanted Issues (Assigned, Feedback), or issues in progress.
    • Do NOT assign issues to any person. This is a moderators job
    • Do NOT set priority. Priority has meaning only at BI side
    • Do NOT set the target version. Use the Affected ArmA II Version only

Beta users

  • Please read the BI article. Downloads and changelog here
  • Specify the exact build number (like 63826) somewhere in the report, and use version BETA as Affected ArmA II version. Beta version are one number ahead: if you read 1.05.63826 in-game, that means 1.06 BETA

When the game or server crashes

Useful reports are reports that comply to

  • Short and descriptive
    • Express opinions or do discussions at the forums and link them in the ticket
  • Simple bullet point step-by-step reproducibility report
    1. Repro steps: what to do for the bug to happen
    2. Results seen: what is the bug
    3. Desired results: how should it behave once the bug is fixed
  • Have attachments.



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