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h1. Community Issue Tracker - Welcome!

* This is a free service, please use it in respect to other volunteers free time work.
* [[Versions]] older than the latest patch will be [[Workflow#Diagram|rejected]]. Since Dec 22nd 2009, version *[[1_05|1.05]]*.

h2. Want to report a crash?

> !WER-100.png!
_a message that the game has crashed (WER)_

* Send crash error information to BI through Microsoft with "WER":
** Alternative, follow +[[WER|these instructions]]+.
* Set the *Category* field to _CrashToDesktop_ and fill the fields:
** *Maxmem parameter* (if used), *Mainboard chipset*, *CPU*, *Operating system*
** *Graphics card*, *Graphics card driver version*
* Upload as much as files described in +[[attachments]]+.

h2. Want to vote an issue or feature?

* "Browse":/projects/cis/issues the issues, pick one and click !! if you agree with it, !! if you disagree
* Have a look at the ""+Most Community Wanted+":/projects/cis/issues?query_id=30" issues

h2. Want to report a bug?

* Be *short* and *descriptive*, use a !/images/jstoolbar/bt_ol.png! bullet point step-by-step reproducibility report in this way:
> ## *Repro steps*: what to do for the bug to happen
> ## *Results seen*: what is the bug
> ## *Desired results*: how should it behave once the bug is fixed
* Express opinions or do discussions at the "forums (BIF)": and link them in the ticket.
* Upload as much as files described in +[[attachments]]+.
* Why? Some quotes: "1":/issues/1745#note-45, "2":/issues/6471#note-5, "3":/issues/2551#note-21, "4":/issues/1753#note-9, "5":/issues/2755#note-9, "6":/issues/3399#note-18, "7":/issues/1704#note-10, "8":/issues/1704#change-9386, "9":/issues/1701#note-14
* Some good samples: #6426 #3080 #8212 #5353 #5301

h2. Details

h3. Beta users

* Please read the "BI article ("The complexity of Arma 2 has reached a nearly critical level, especially with all of the user addons and modifications, that testing of the game also requires a more agile approach and this is our attempt to address it." - Marek Spanel, 19 August 2009)": Downloads and changelog "here":
* Specify the exact build number in the title [63826] or somewhere in the report, and use _version BETA_ as _Affected ArmA II version_.
Beta version are one number ahead: if you read 1.05.63826 in-game, that means *1.06 BETA*
> !version-150.png!
_the version displays in the main screen, lower right_

h3. What and what not

!/images/true.png! Do set _Due Date_ two weeks later as you open an issue
!/images/true.png! Do use the template of *Description*, "*Repro*":, *Observed* and *Expected* key points in your new tickets
!/images/false.png! Do NOT assign issues to any person. This is a moderators job
!/images/false.png! Do NOT set priority. Priority has meaning only at BI side
!/images/false.png! Do NOT set the target version. Use the _Affected ArmA II Version_ only
!/themes/dh_squish/images/fugue/document_text_image.png! Read the *[[workflow]]*, if you are interested in the process

h3. Links & Acronyms

* [[Versions]] and changelogs, "ArmA II Object class library":, "Unlock armory items":
* "Killing Bugs - Bohemia Interactive":, "How to Report Bugs Effectively":, "Old instructions for the A1 BTS":
* *BI* "Bohemia Interactive": , *BIF* "Bohemia Interactive Forums": , *BIKI* "Bohemia Interactive Community Wiki":
* *CTD* "Crash To Desktop":, *WER* "Windows Error Reporting":, ArmAII: *OA* "Operation Arrowhead":

h2. Sample

A crash in beta (click to zoom)