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  • Versions older than the latest patch will be rejected.

Since July 24th 2012, version 1.62 for Operation Arrowhead.
Since December 22nd 2011, version 1.11 for ArmA2.
Since December 22nd 2011, version 1.03 for BAF DLC.
Since December 22nd 2011, version 1.02 for PMC DLC.

Why participate?

This is what Bohemia Interactive has to say:

Have you compiled a list of fixed issues or implemented feature requests that have occurred since the community created CIT came into use?
This data would be useful to show new community members how well the CIT works or how receptive, as a studio, are to your community of users.

We have not. However, it is fairly easy for anyone to filter issue in CIT and see how much has been addressed.
CIT has become very important resource for us to gather feedback from our community.

How does BIS prioritize bugfixes/features? (What are the design procedures for picking what to fix or what to include)

Internally, we usually have a lot of obvious or critical issues to fix or implement.
Between those, selecting order or priorities mostly depends on available resources and also individual preference or interest.
The CIT is often looked at, and we use Votes as good indication of how important a particular fix is for our users.

Reference: Ask Bohemia about A2OA interview.

How to report a crash?

a message that the game has crashed (WER)

Full patches

Send crash error information to BI through Microsoft with Windows Error Reporting. Or follow these instructions.
Windows will ask you after the game crashed automatically (unless the error reporting service has been disabled in your system).

Beta patches

WER does not work with betas patches. So to help BI improve beta patches,
please submit the information as ticket in the CIT:
  • Click the New issue tab
  • Set the Category field to Game Crash.
  • Attach the .mdmp and .bidmp files zipped to your ticket.
  • Upload as much as files described in attachments.
  • Provide the following information or attach a dxdiag.txt (HowTo creating a Dxdiag file):
    • Maxmem parameter (if used)
    • Operating system
    • Graphics card
    • Graphics card driver version
    • CPU
    • Mainboard chipset
    • System RAM size
    • GPU VRAM size
    • Audio card
    • Size of OS swap file

Memory Dumps of Game Crash or Freeze

It is often useful to include a memory dump (more info).

Full Memory Dump for Game Crash
Attach Procdump-utility to the game before the game crashes with command line:

procdump -e -ma arma2oa.exe CrashFullMemoryDump.dmp

Full Memory Dump will be created automatically when the game crashes.

Full Memory Dump for Game Freeze / Hung Process
Attach Procdump-utility to the game before the game freezes / hungs with command line:

procdump -h -ma arma2oa.exe FreezeFullMemoryDump.dmp

Full Memory Dump will be created automatically when the process window is not responding for 5 second.

To get smaller size Mini Memory Dump
Attach Procdump-utility to the game with command line

procdump -h arma2oa.exe FreezeMiniMemoryDump.dmp

If the process only appears to be hung for you, but the window/task does still basically respond,
you can omit parameter -h and just run it at the time you wish to take a dump.

It is useful to to use patch build number and descriptional naming for the filename. For example: "96751CrashFullDump.dmp".

After the crash or freeze, pack .dmp-file with zip/rar/7zip. and upload it to a free uploader service like Multiupload

How to vote an issue or feature?

How to report a bug?

First please use the search box in the top right to see if your issue or suggestion was already posted.
  • Think of a clear and descriptive ticket name first.
  • Be short and descriptive, use a bullet point step-by-step reproducibility report in this way (use the template):
    1. Reproduction steps
      • Bullet point/numbered list of what one has to do to let it happen
    2. Observed
      • Describe briefly the behavior you see
    3. Expected result/behavior
      • Describe briefly the behavior you expect to see instead
  • Providing a simple demo mission (explained by the repro steps) improves your chances considerably to have the issue looked at.
  • For stability or performance issues upload as much as files described in attachments and provide information about your hardware.
  • Be careful when creating a new ticket: If you press "Preview", the upload files list is emptied. Please check before submitting.
  • Express opinions or do discussions at the forums and link them in the ticket.
  • Priority is set only by BI (if at all). It has little meaning in general.

Good examples of reported issues

Why this format?

Read some explanations from BI: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.


Videos are not debugable. They provide nice evidence that the bug exists, but they do not help fixing it.
Instead of posting a video, please post instructions how to make one (i.e. how to see the bug) instead.


Beta users

Latest beta patch: OA 1.63 BETA.

  • Instructions on how to install can be found here
  • Betas for ArmA2 have been discontinued
  • Please read the BI article. Downloads and changelog here
  • Specify the exact build number in the title [79600] or somewhere in the report, and use version BETA as Affected ArmA II version.
    • Beta version are one number ahead: if you read 1.62.95252 in-game, that means 1.63 BETA

the version displays in the main screen, lower right

DOs and Don't DOs

Do use the template of Header, Observed, Expected and Repro key points in your new tickets
Do NOT assign issues to any person. This is a moderator job.
Do NOT set priority. Priority has meaning only at BI side.
Do NOT set the target version. Use the Affected ArmA II Version only.

Read the workflow, if you want to understand the process.

Links & Acronyms


A crash in beta (click to zoom)

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