Attachments and instructions

Upload files compressed using 7-zip or the standard Windows compressed folder:

PC components and driver versions

DXDiag output

Configuration and crash files


Operation Arrowhead


Under profile paths:

  • .\saved\ca\missions\MPScenarios
  • .\saved\ca\missions\Missions
  • .\saved\missions
  • .\saved\ca\missions\campaign

Media: screenshots and videos

Take a screen shot:

Some screenshots and video recording tools:

Convert screenshot to a compressed format:

  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • PNG


Repro missions

Are missions you can create with the in-game editor to shows the said issue and can be observed best on every run.

The same missions will be used to confirm that issues has been addressed and resolved.

Please name your debug mission with the following tags based on your game:

  • A2_
  • OA_
  • CO_

ArmA II:

Utes is highly preferred from Chernarus based ones. For a dev same as for you Utes loads way faster.
If you want, try the trick here to let other people open you mission with only a click.


Desert is highly preferred. For a dev same as for you this simple world loads way faster.


Sometimes a dump generated from Procdump could be needed. This is the command example:

  • procdump -e -ma arma2oa.exe crash.dmp