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Official changelog


  • Fixed: Bitter Chill mission Get In destroyed HMMWV (M2) traps Razor Team inside forever(#18658)
  • Fixed: Manhattan mission Cpt. Shaftoe is sometimes killed by his chair because his feet are sticking through it.(#25560)
  • Fixed: Manhattan mission GPS COORDS 000003 marine misplaced at top left corner of map (#20154)
  • Fixed: Manhattan mission Task: Escort contact to LZ Lagushina can teleport herself to helicopter (#12265)
  • Fixed: Bitter Chill mission Task: Reach CDF positions endscene subtitles and voices are played twice (#15537)
  • Fixed: Delaying the Bear mission subtitle texts and dialog voices in wrong order (#13113)
  • Fixed: War That Never Was mission looking around in helicopter is not working when playing [Combined Operations] (#18503)
  • Fixed: War That Never Was mission Rodriquez and O'Hara movement is terribly out of sync (#18504)
  • Fixed: Only first end condition ends Freedom Fighters scenario (#18491)
  • Fixed: Dogs Of War mission Notes->Situation has typing error - Vybor airoprt should be Vybor airport (#25631)
  • Fixed: Dogs Of War mission Tasks Deal with Russians has error saying Russian base is at Krasnostav airport when it is at Vybor airport (#25632)
  • Fixed: Dogs Of War mission GPS COORDS 075101 Chedaki POW killed by NAPA supply trucks (#25629)
  • Fixed: Bitter Chill mission GPS COORDS 081060 two NAPA scouts and NAPA fighters are sometimes killed at NAPA safehouse yard (#25634)
  • Fixed: First To Fight [Multiplayer] helicopter insertion kills human players 2, 3 and 4 (#25633)


  • Fixed: Stones in Takinstan are no longer destructible.
  • Improved: AI driving ability with track vehicles.