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SHA-1: F7537D10564134C3BF868F6F05006BCFD7C8277C

CRC32: A353E31F
MD5: F5515D415C5365121CE3291A2C57F856

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Official changelog

  • [61961] Improved: Convoy movement a lot smoother, esp. on roads.
  • [61943] Changed: AI gunners can autonomously use automatic weapons only when some automatic weapon is selected
  • [61387] Improved: Cars are now following road turns and corners better.
  • [61385] Improved: Enabled commanding during conversations.
  • [61362] Improved: Helicopters now crashing less often when engaging ground targets.
  • [61060] Fixed: Crash whencopying trigger activated by a group.
  • [61057] Fixed: AI subordinates in a player group were often not moving in combat until player has stopped.
  • [61035] Fix: Dedicated server window has not react to some window messages often (such as focus loss)
  • [61032] Changed: Destroy helicopter if on ground and upside down.
  • [60954] Changed: Increased range of ILS signal from 3 to 8 km.
  • [60939] Improved: increased VASI brightness to increase its visible range.
  • [60908] New: BattlEye support
  • [60902] Changed: Helicopters crash into the ground condition improved.
  • [60902] Fixed: Helicopter with automatic gear control open gear earlier when main rotor failure.
  • [60886] Improved: AI subordinates in a player lead group now respect formation when choosing a cover.
  • [60852] Fixed: After revert, year was restored to 1985.
  • [60838] New function x interpolate [xFrom,xTo,resultFrom, resultTo] can be used in simple expressions.
  • [60818] Fixed: AI no longer switches to aware when player leader turns in in an armored vehicle, it only goes prone/crouch.
  • [60818] Fixed: AI groups never went to "combat" when player was a tank commander, resulting in multiple "under fire" messages.
  • [60818] Improved: AI subordinates in player's group now report Clear as appropriate unless player has given Danger command.
  • [60718] Changed: AI now goes to Combat behavior automatically only when under fire, not when player is prone.
  • [60718] Changed: AI follows leader stance, but does not switch to combat behavior when player is prone.
  • [60711] Changed: Units now never enter cover while moving in compact (Delta or File) formations.
  • [60588] Fixed: MP client could not use laser designator in vehicles.
  • [60525] Fixed: Changing window size is no longer possible inside of video options screen.
  • [60522] Improved: Longer view distance for objects when high view distance is used.
  • [60457] New: FreeTrack support using FreeTrackClient.dll
  • [60323] Changed: Formation direction now adjusts to human leader body direction, not a movement direction.
  • [60260] Fixed: AI soldiers moving in Safe/Aware could sometimes be stuck near a bush or other objects.
  • [60234] New: Scripting function enableAIFeature to disable new AI features when old behavior is required.
  • [60220] Improved: AI covering units tend to stay close to each other.
  • [60155] Fixed: MultiPlayer client crash caused by certain custom sound
    • Related tickets: #5753
  • [60129] Fixed: AI subordinates now move faster (use less cover) to catch up when leader is way ahead of them.
  • [60102] Fixed: AI subordinates should now respect formation more when moving in combat.
  • [60101] Fixed: Group leader was often running far ahead alone in combat.
  • [60092] Fixed: AI leader did not wait for a player to cover him when moving in combat.
  • [60090] Fixed: Improved vehicles and motorcycles driving.
  • [60068] New: Alt-Enter can be used to switch window/fullscreen while paused.
  • [60015] New: Execute action with LMB can be unmapped.
  • [60013] Fixed: Possible freeze under Vista/Win7 when Alt-Tabbing out of the game during progress screen.
  • [59999] Fixed: Player is no more target when commanding in external view.
  • [59988] New: Windowed/Fullscreen can now be switched ingame (in Video options).
  • [59924] Fixed: More 32b overflows caused by 8 GB RAM + large VRAM.
  • [59906] Fixed: Most vehicle gunners did not provide suppressive fire.
  • [59899] Fixed: AI did not use suppressive fire against enemies seen while holding fire.
  • [59898] Fixed: Spatial explosions sounds
  • [59884] Fixed: Suppress in the commanding menu did nothing.
  • [59875] New: Suppressive fire against known enemies can be scripted using unit suppressFor time.
  • [59873] Fixed: After spawning new types of entities via script, game could randomly freeze or crash.
  • [59872] Fixed: Airplane, helicopter, car and ship control was lost while map was active.
  • [59808] Fixed: DOF in 3D scope view
  • [59741] Analogue throttle working for helicopters as well.
  • [59736] Fixed: Startup sounds are not spatial and stick to audio channels
  • [59715] Covering soldier in grass ("Grass layer")
  • [59691] Improved: Small hit be ignored by hitpoints (configurable by minimalHit)
  • [59668] Improved: Hitpoint can pass only a part of the hit to the total damage (passthrough setting no longer ignored).
  • [59446] New: IK weapon animations are now blending with primary animations.
  • [59351] Fixed: VoN direct speaking distance fade out
  • [59318] Fixed: support the highest Matrox TrippleHead2Go resolutions
  • [59279] Fixed: FPS on Dedicated server is not affected by server window manipulation (such as move or scroll).
  • [59088] Mouse lag can caused by GPU render ahead buffer be limited using GPU_MaxFramesAhead=N in ArmA2.cfg.
  • [59047] Fix: When player was a helicopter pilot, the AI gunner sometimes had no weapon selected on mission start
  • [59030] Fix: Helicopters - when manual fire on, do not allow AI gunner to switch weapons
  • Fixed: Dogs of war - several fixes of scripts.
  • Fixed: Badlands, Dogs of war(MP) - fixed death of AI during fast travel.
  • Fixed: Badlands, Dogs of war(MP) - fixed buying units.
  • Fixed: Badlands, Dogs of war(MP) - fixed AI getting spawned at 50km height when fast traveling.
  • Fixed: Into the storm - several CO-OP scripts fixes.
  • Fixed: RPG7L loaded missile model.
  • Fixed: No weapons on pods from pilot view in Ka-52.
  • Improved: Various weapons range setting.
  • Fixed: ZSU and ZU-23 rate of fire.
  • Fixed: Get-in points in static weapons.
  • Improved: Hit-points system for all vehicles.
  • New: Civilian cars registration plates.
  • New: Enabled clan-sign on vehicles.
  • Fixed: Fade-away of Pickup and Off-road in long distance.
  • Fixed: Get-in point for Pickup(PKM).
  • New: GUI Server commanding options in MP.
  • Improved: GUI Servers browse.
  • Improved: Several fixes in dubbing.
  • Improved: Various vehicle/turrets optics zoom and effects changed
  • DRM free for users of legitimate installs