Making a component that uses CBA

Version 8 (Sickboy, 07/06/2009 21:33)

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h1. Making a component that uses CBA
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h2. Requiring CBA for an addon
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In your @CfgPatches@ configuration, ensure that _CBA_main_ is one of the required addons (this will require all the other CBA PBOs, including Extended EventHandlers, for you).
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<code class="cpp">
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requiredAddons[] = {"CBA_main"};
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Any addon that just requires _Extended_EventHandlers_ will work also with CBA, since XEH is a sub-component of CBA. However, the other CBA features will not be available to that addon.
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h3. Binarizing CBA enabled Addons
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Binarizing can be done with the PBOTools by Mikero (MakePBO + Rapify, and optionally binarize p3d's etc with BI BINPbo)
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h2. Requiring CBA for a mission
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In the editor, place a *_Game Logics\CBA\Require CBA_* object anywhere in your mission. The only effect of this is that it will force any player to have CBA running as a mod before they can join the mission. CBA will start itself in any mission anyway, regardless of whether that logic has been placed.