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What should I download?

Download the latest release of CBA from the Files section. It includes CBA, CBA_A2, CBA_OA and CBA_TOH.

There are three different setups depending on what variant of ArmA II you're using:
  1. If you have ArmA II Original, use both both the @CBA and @CBA_A2 mod folders
  2. If you have ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead, use both the @CBA and @CBA_OA mod folders
  3. If you have the "merged" ArmA II: Combined Operations (ArmA II+Arrowhead expansion), use the @CBA, @CBA_A2 and @CBA_OA mod folders.

Installing the files.

Unpack the archives to a temporary folder. This will create a folder named, for example, CBA_v0-7-3. In it, you will see three folders named @CBA, @CBA_OA and @CBA_A2

First of all is to copy the @CBA folder into your Arma 2 game folder.

...\Arma 2\@CBA\addons\  => contains all the PBO files.

For users of a standalone ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead installation, copy both the @CBA and the @CBA_OA folders into your ArmA 2 game folder.

If you are using the older ArmA II without Arrowhead, copy @CBA and @CBA_A2 into your ArmA 2 game folder.

Adding CBA to the list of active mods

CBA should be added to your list of addons in the first position, so any other addons that depend on it can take advantage of it.


For users of a standalone Arrowhead installation, the example above will become:

Users of "just ArmA II" need to have this:

CBA will automatically start its scripts and will automatically be used by addons or missions that require it, so there is no need to do anything more than this.


Server keys and signature verification

Server operators may want to control what addons and mods people may use when they connect to a server. This is done by enabling signature verification on the server itself. In short, that means you'll have this entry in the server config file:

verifySignatures = 1;

In order to allow players to connect with the CBA addons, download the CBA server key from this site (here) and put it in your server's "Keys" folder. Make sure to pick the correct server key for the version of CBA that you allow. For example, the CBA v0.1.3 release key is named "CBA_v0-1-3.bikey".

Updating the server key

When a new version of CBA is released, there's also a new server key. For example, the v0.1.2 release comes with a server key file named CBA_v0-1-2.bikey whereas the 0.1.3 version has a new server key file - "CBA_v0-1-3.bikey".

For this reason, server owners must replace the old CBA .bikey file with the newer one when an updated CBA package is released. Clients with a CBA version other than what the server allows will be rejected when they try to connect.