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Spyder001, 07/20/2011 02:52

Version Information:

Released Build:
Current Build:
Next Build Release Date: 13 JUL 2011


  • Mission persistent (stats are saved during the mission)
  • Vehicle side tracking (get in enemy vehicle and it now belongs to your side)
  • Multiplayer score board ("I" by default)
  • PVP only (unarmed civilians can be AI)
  • Damage tracking (if player dies of bloodloss/ tapout damaging unit will recieve kill)
  • Damage inheritance (players inside destroyed vehicle are killed by the killer of that vehicle)
  • Vehicle and Weapon display function for shortened messages
  • Supports mods
  • Punish system (ROE violations)
  • Join Messages
  • Easy mission installation

Currently Tracked Events

  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Suicides
  • Team Kills
  • Vehicle Kills
  • Kill Assists
  • Aircraft Crashes
  • Civilian Casualties
  • Road Kills
  • Friendly Damage
  • Civilian Damage
  • Transportation
  • Side Kills & Deaths
  • Weapon Info [Shots Fired, Head Hits, Body Hits, Arm Hits, Leg Hits, Vehicle Hits]
  • Vehicle Info [Shots Fired, Head Hits, Body Hits, Arm Hits, Leg Hits, Vehicle Hits]

Main Event Score Value

  • Kill (Includes Roadkill) = 20 (* Distance Bonuses)
  • Death = 0
  • Suicide = -10
  • Team Kill (Multiplicative) = (Starting: -1), (2: -11), (3: -28), (Max: -30)
  • Vehicle Kill = 20 (Car/ Boat), 30 (Armor), 40 (Aircraft)
  • Kill Assist = 10
  • Aircraft Crash (Multiplicative)= -(10 + # (Passengers * 2)) [ie crash with 4 passengers = -18]
  • Civilian Casuality (Multiplicative) = (Starting: -5), (2: -20), (Max: -30)

Additional Event Score Value

  • Vehicle Team Kill (Multiplicative) = See TK
  • Roadkill: See kill
  • Friendly Damage = -1
  • Civilian Damage = -1
  • Transport: 3 (Minimum 500 meters)

Distance Bonuses for Kills

  • Handheld weapon less then 50 meters
  • Handheld weapon more then 400 meters
  • Vehicle weapon less then 100 meters
  • Vehicle weapon more then 1000 meters

Player Score Ranking


Punish Point System

On ROE violation:

Any event that is an ROE violation will gain the player 1 punish point. If 2 events occor at the same time then the player gains 2 punish points.

Stacking Penalty:

If there seperation between the events exceeds one second, a stacking penalty is applied. The stacking penalty is the current punish points multiplied by 3. An example would be 2 punish points multiplied by 3 is 6 punish points.

Disabled Timer:

When the player exceeds 6 punish points, user input is disabled and a black screen with a count down is displayed. The disabled timer is figured out with current punish points multiplied by 10. So if the player has 6 punish points and then had another ROE violation the player would then have 21 punish points. 21 multipled by 10 is 210 (3.5 minutes). The disabled timer will also be initated if the player's score drops below -50. The disabled timer in this case is figured out with current score multiplied by 4. An example is -55 multiplied by 4 is -220 (3.6 minutes).

Cool Down:

After each ROE violation or at the completion of the disabled timer, there is a 5 minutes cool down. Once 5 minutes is reached the punish points are reset back to 0.


1. Copy your init.sqf into the included init.sqf to ensure your script complies with SPY IAC (Init and Compile) method.

2. Add this to your description.ext

  • #include "SPY\SPY_bStats\score\DFS_bStatsDlg.hpp"

3. Copy the SPY, MHJ, and JDAM folders into you mission folder

4. Add this line directly to all your vehicle's init lines or into a vehicle respawn script of your choice

  • _null = [this, side] execVM "SPY\SPY_bStats\init\SPY_initVehicle.sqf"; (accepted sides are west and east)


  • _null = [this, side] spawn SPY_initVehicle; (if included in respawn script, and you know what you are doing)

5. Add this line to any civilian's init line or their spawning script (ALICE is not supported by default)

  • _null = [this] execVM "SPY\SPY_bStats\SPY_initAI.sqf"; (AI only)