1.0.6 WIP Report

Added by Spyder001 about 6 years ago

After a lot of testing and implmenting new ideas, bStats is now in a very optimized and feature rich state. There are now only 2 major changes left to complete. Those changes being better weapon detection and the ability to have multiple damaging units. Please visit the wiki pages to see what new features have been implmented. Also feel free to follow the installtion instructions to get this resource in your own missions.

Mahuja was been working hard on A2U ( as well. Most events are stored in the local database. The rest of the events will soon be supported as well. Please note that until A2U is in a more finialized state it will not be released with bStats.

ArmA Live Statistics (Spyder, Mahuja, Dinky) is still in development. As A2U progresses, you will notice more information displayed on the ALS site. You can monitor the progress at the ALS site (

Projected Release Date: 22 JUN 2011

bStats Promotional Video (Hooves):

bStats Promotional Images (Hooves & Spyder):


  • Improved: Timer is now updated for excessive TK/CIVCAS
  • Improved: Trans score system
  • Improved: Damage score system
  • Improved: Player UID, name and side are now on a separate variable not sent with score changes
  • Improved: Ran bStats through squint to pick up on local variables not declared private
  • Changed: Damage values for TK/CIVCAS from -5 to -1
  • Changed: Player score is now added in the scoreType scripts. Allows for better A2U formatting for score.
  • Fixed: Player could be damaged by friendly unit inside same vehicle
  • Fixed: Kill Assist could be given to friendly unit inside vehicle
  • Fixed: Vehicle cargo was still being credited for shots taken by vehicle crew
  • Fixed: Roadkill was not receiving new killer information when detected
  • Fixed: Vehicle TK and Kill events were not working on a dedicated server

  • Added: Players now get punish points based on TK/CIVCAS. Excessive events cause user input to be disabled.
  • Added: User input disabled (for each bad event) if their score gets lower then -50
  • Added: Vehicle shots/ hits are now tracked
  • Added: Pilots are now awarded +3 points for each player dropped off when distance is greater then 500m.
  • Changed: getWeapon now uses currentMuzzle so grenade launchers are returned
  • Changed: Re-formatted all events sent to A2U to match
  • Changed: Score values (VEHTK/TK/CIVCAS) are now all multiplicative. More events means more negative points with max values.
  • Improved: A2U will update the SPY bStats scoreboard based on its mode (see top of scoreboard)
  • Improved: Check score now uses function SPY_orderArrayV to display players in order of score
  • Improved: Various internal fixes to punish points
  • Fixed: Weapon info broken if player died in a vehicle
  • Fixed: Aircraft crash would break punish points
  • Fixed: Players in vehicle cargo were credited for shots fired
  • Fixed: CIVCAS & civilian damage was not storing in database
  • Fixed: Road Kill vehicle used wasn't being displayed

  • Added: Check stats now uses dialog [Created by Deadfast]
  • Added: Players can check stats with their "Multiplayer Statistics" key (press again to close) [Deadfast & Spyder]
  • Added: Roadkill detection for kills, TKs, CIVCAS
  • Added: Roadkill is used for enemy/team/civ damage
  • Added: Handheld weapon hits on vehicle is now tracked
  • Improved: All vehicle crew (except cargo) get a kill assist for crew member killing an enemy unit
  • Improved: Redundant death messages are no longer displayed
  • Improved: Internal fixes that improve event detection and cleaned up excess variables
  • Improved: objNull UID returns "" now instead of "none" on SPY_getUnit function
  • Improved: A display name is now used for weapon and vehicles in messages instead of the classname
  • Changed: New score values for events
  • Changed: "an" to "a" in vehicle kill message
  • Fixed: Damaging Unit was given kill assist when also credited as killer
  • Fixed: Vehicle kills broke after damage reset
  • Fixed: Dialog was not ending before end of screen on some resolutions (Deadfast)
  • Fixed: Message was displayed if no killer was defined in CIVCAS
  • Fixed: AI (CIVCAS) could kill themselves
  • Fixed: Player could break weapon info tracking by switching weapons too fast
  • Fixed: Vehicle Kill wasn't sending player UID to A2U

Special Thanks To:

Mahuja - ArmA 2 Uplink, ArmA Live Statistics (Database), A2 Script Teaching
Goschie - A2 Script Teaching
Hooves - Testing, Feature Suggestions, & Public Relations
Dragon - Testing
VMA - Testing
Deadfast - Dialog
Dr Eyeball - Scripting Suggestions
Ugly58 - Feature Suggestions
Squint - Error Checking

SPY bStats Update 25 MAY 2011

Added by Spyder001 about 6 years ago


Download from here:

Current Version: 1-0-3


  • Improved: HIT/Killed EHs for AI only (Civilian Causalities)
  • Added: SPY GAMELOGIC is now created dynamically.
  • Added: Players score (points) is now tracked. Each event has a different value.
  • Added: New init for AI only (Civilian Causalities).
  • Added: -1 score for team (player) damage/ civilian damage with text warning.
  • Added: Vehicle drivers now get a kill assist for kill/vehicle kill.
  • Removed: Players can no longer be civilian causalities (Until possible exploits are addressed)
  • Fixed: Distance from killer, not damaging unit was used in vehicle kill (damage)
  • Fixed: Damage info was not being locally stored on player
  • Fixed: Driver was given kill assist if he was also the killer

Short Demonstration Video (SPY bStats & MHJ A2U):

WIP Website for ArmA Live Statistics:

SPY bStats v1-0-2 Demo Mission (HOTFIX)

Added by Spyder001 about 6 years ago

HOTFIX 1627EST 13 MAR 2011


  • Fixed: Type of vehicle not sent in vehicle kill (damage)

While doing some MP testing I was able to fix a lot of MP related issues. Special thanks to Hooves for helping me test! I'm still looking for more testers and a dialog artist to help me out.


  • Fixed: Player's side was not set when they switched teams
  • Fixed: getWeapon was returning rifle and not vehicle use to kill player
  • Fixed: Kill Assist was being used when the killer what also the damaging unit
  • Fixed: Pilot was returning as killer of passengers in aircraft crash
  • Improved: Kill and Vehicle Kill detection
  • Improved: Vehicle Kill now returns "KILLER KILLED AN (VEHICLE TYPE) (WEAPON USED)"
  • Improved: Kill now returns "KILLER KILLED PLAYER (WEAPON USED)

Get it here (

SPY bStats v1-0-1 Demo Mission (HOTFIX)

Added by Spyder001 about 6 years ago


  • review: Internal optimizations. Wrong player score variable being called to.

Get it here (

SPY bStats 1-0-0 Demo Mission Release

Added by Spyder001 about 6 years ago

HOTFIX 0259 EST 12 MAR 2011

Download Link:


  • JDAM Multiplayer Code Broadcast (included)
  • JDAM Functions (included)
  • MHJ ArmA 2 Uplink (included)


  1. Copy the lines from the included init.sqf into your mission's init.sqf.
  2. Copy the included mission folders (SPY, JDAM, MHJ) in your mission's directory.


  • Track Infantry Kills (Instant, Damage Based, Victim in Vehicle)
  • Track Player Deaths
  • Track Player Suicides
  • Track Infantry/ Vehicle Team Kills (Instant, Damage Based, From Vehicle, Victim in Vehicle)
  • Track Vehicle Kills
  • Track Kill Assists
  • Track Aircraft Crashes
  • Track Civilian Casualities (Suggested by Ugly58)
  • Track Side Kills/ Deaths
  • Mission Persistent by Default (Meaning stats not saved after end of mission, but players can leave and rejoin during mission)
  • Write Statistics to RPT (See Map Board)
  • Vehicle Side Tracking (Get in enemy vehicle and it now belongs to your side)


  • MHJ ArmA 2 Uplink is a PROTOTYPE and is missing required lua scripts (so it has no functionality other then writing to the rpt)
  • SPY bStats requires MP testing and abuse. Please feel free to break and and let me know how to reproduce the event.
  • Need a dialog for the check score action
  • Civilian casualities work with AI, nothing else will by design (kills, deaths, side death, etc)


  • Spyder: bStats, demo mission, JDAM scripting
  • Mahuja: ArmA 2 Uplink, JDAM scripting
  • Goschie: JDAM scripting

Thanks Goschie and Mahuja for your hard work and helping me learn A2Script!

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